Democrats Consulting With Radical Pro-Impeachment Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe

(Breitbart) – Democrats are consulting with Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Tribe, who has pushed for impeachment since before Donald Trump took office in 2016, as they prepare articles of impeachment.

The New York Times reported Saturday: “Laurence H. Tribe, the constitutional law professor at Harvard, planned to travel to Washington on Saturday to discuss impeachment with Democratic members, kept in town over the weekend for two lengthy prep sessions.”

Update: Tribe later confirmed the report:

Tribe declared in December 2016 that Trump’s impeachment “should begin on Inauguration Day,” basing his argument on a dubious interpretation of the Emoluments Clause.

Later, in May 2017 — less than five months into the Trump presidency — Tribe wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post declaring: “The time has come for Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of President Trump for obstruction of justice.” He called Trump a “danger to our system of government.”

Though the House Judiciary Committee’s staff report, released Saturday, on the legal and constitutional basis for impeachment declares that impeaching the president is a “last and most extraordinary resort,” it relies heavily on Tribe for its analysis.

For example, it cites Tribe in one of its most dubious arguments, using the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson in 1868 — almost universally recognized as a mistake — to claim that presidents can be impeached for “illegitimate motives” even if they have acted lawfully.

Notably, the report completely ignores the testimony of the four “experts” who appeared before the Judiciary Committee last week.

Tribe worked with then-Vice President Joe Biden in the Obama administration on an initiative to expand access to legal assistance to the needy.

Questions about Biden’s conflict of interest — serving as the Obama administration’s leader on Ukraine policy while his son, Hunter, held a board seat on Ukraine’s largest gas company — are central to Trump’s defense of his request that Ukraine investigate Biden’s intervention to force the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor.


  1. Will the real American people please remove every Democrate from their Elected Goverment Position. Vote Republican for the next 5 Elections this will save America and African American Families.


  2. Used to be his institution was respected but not unlike most Universities and colleges it is of far less value than the man on the street. Liberalism, progressiveness, just Democrat/Socialist BS I have no interest or trust in any one like Tribe anywhere in the nation. We the people spoke in 2016 and got exactly what we wanted some one who listened and then moved to act on what we the people wanted. . .YOU CAN TRY TO STOP GOOD WITH EVIL BUT IN THE LONG RUN IT WONT WORK !!!!

  3. Where were these Harvard Constitutional experts when Obama’s Dept of VA was aiding the banks in stealing the Troops homes? 96% Dept of VA loans are attached to the banks Ginnie Mae MBS by using UCC3 procedure that takes the Note ownership not the debt and transfers the blank endorsed mortgage Note to Ginnie who cannot by law purchase the debt.

    So Ginnie hold the Notes without the ability to act with the Notes because they did not pay for the debt and are not listed on the Note. However, the bank claim they are buying back the loan from Ginnie with the foreclosure proceeds. This is illegally seizing property from citizen by the Fed Gov, which is a 4th Amendment Rights violation.

    The Dept of VA ignored Jan 8, 2010, VA Circular that requires that before a foreclosure can be considered the lender must underwrite the loan for both the HAMP and VA HAMP. The Dept of VA act as if they are not aware that the DOJ entered into a settlement with the lenders in the Independent Foreclosure Review Board, yet as the review uncovered that the banks did not underwrite and instead illegally foreclosed as Wells Fargo Bank did with 545 families that had bankruptcy protection and from Apr 15, 2010, to 2015 Wells illegally foreclosed and did not admit the crime until 2018.

    It 2019 so to be 2020, which is an entire decade the Troops have been waiting for those Harvard lawyers including Obama to come to the rescue, however they are all using their knowledge to protect those who came and rescued their families and continue to protect them from most of the world that hates them. We are all suppose to be working together but I guess that a one way street!

  4. The Democrats half to get a outsider ( Lawrence Tribe ) for help to figure out to get Trump, wasn’t he involved with Biden’s son and Obama and Hillary Clinton. I hope Mr Trump pulls the plug and drains the swamp with these corrupt democrats and see that get jail time in his second term as the President of the USA.

    • This is absolutely unbelievable that we have people in such high places, lowering their morals & standards lower than rats in sewers.

      They (Dems) have become ‘pure’ evil!

  5. The incestuous relationships between the liberal lawyers and the Democratic congress folks is truly amazing. They all are in bed together


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