Democrats Are Now Arguing That Removing Dead People From Voter Rolls Is ‘Voter Suppression’

( Exclusive) – We all know by now that liberalism is some kind of mental disorder. This has become more and more clear as the left tries to silence every worldview that disagrees with their own and as they attempt to convince the rest of us that science is wrong and a man can claim to be a woman. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of insanity that comes from the modern Democratic Party.

Apparently, the Democratic Party is now attempting to argue that dead people shouldn’t be removed from voter rolls because to do so would be “voter suppression.” Just let that thought sink in your brain for a minute.

According to a new report from The Gateway Pundit, Democrats held a hearing on Tuesday discussing the new election transformation legislation known as HR 1, which will basically ensure that the left cheats in every single election and will never lose again. As you can imagine the Democrats are extremely happy about the bill and are ready to see it pass.

The bill itself is chock full of federal mandates like bans on voter ID laws, prohibitions on cleaning up voter rolls, and requirements to accept late mail-in ballots. And that’s just scraping the surface. This bill is over 700 pages with plenty of other crazy things packed into it.

During the hearing that was held on Wednesday, one of the Democrat witnesses really tried to argue that removing dead folk from the rolls was voter suppression. This person really said this, folks. This isn’t a joke. It’s for real.

Can you believe this is the world you now live in? You have people walking around thinking that just by taking some medications and having surgery they can alter their bodies and live as the opposite sex. There’s massive voter fraud happening on an unprecedented scale. A pandemic. And now people legitimately arguing in favor of keeping dead people on voter rolls.

This place has gone completely and totally crazy. Mental illness abounds.

On top of that, Democrats have made it clear they want to permanently be in power. This is a goal they are willing to do anything in order to achieve. Whatever it takes, they will transform America into a Marxist nightmare where they have absolute power and control, subjugating the people to get wealthy off their backs. It’s terrifying.

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  1. I find of interest that in spite of the adamant proclamation by the democrats that there was NO ELECTION FRAUD they are feverishly working to take control of state’s election process to stop voter fraud. It is also of interest that 99.9% of the election fraud is found to be committed by democrats and the fraud favored democrats.

    It is not new and better , improved voter laws that we need. What is required are better, honorable people who value their commitment and oath to the law and respect their fellow citizens right to choose their leaders to run the elections. the laws were clear but the moral conduct of the people who managed the elections was criminal thus prosecute the crimes.

    Now queen peolosi ( common noun use is appropriate) has gotten away with the 2018 voter fraud we all were shocked to see play out in California then rampant in 2020 so queen pelosi ( common noun use is appropriate) chooses to display the depth of her mental and moral illness and her bent toward corrupt she openly demands her entitlement to cheat and steal any election she does not approve of, thus the self appointed queen pelosi ( common noun use is appropriate) demands the Iowan election results be changed based only on her whim.

    Now the evidence is over flowing, revealing the massive cheating and fraud in the Presidential election and she is mute. New laws are not needed, just new honest people who DO NOT ignored the existent laws are what is needed. It is not brain science, but the dems use the situation to continue to soil the election with legislation that create MORE CORRUPTION OPPORTUNITIES for fraud.

    Be sure, God will have the last laugh, madam queen.

    Is she nervous that her margin of control and hold on power is slipping as seats are lost to her in the House.

  2. Well, I guess my parents (God rest their souls) have been missing out on quite a few elections! These people are certified idiots.

    • Yes, James, I agree that these people are indeed certifibly out of their minds. But, unfortunately, your dear parents (God rest their souls) may still be voting in these tumultuous, anything goes elections, these days.

  3. Possibly we need a vaccine to save us from the dysfunction of the destructive disease that has harmed humanity throughout history called democratic mental illness. Best cure is John 3:16.

    Holding on to the irrational mind set of democratic thinking is the disease of the walking dead. Maybe that is why they do not want to take the dead off the voting rolls. The walking dead do not think or reason or have any concept of reality so they make up in their imagination the reality that they crave. They perceive in hie infinite wisdom they are a god like deity entitled to determine and force what the living, thinking population are to do.
    They, in their self declared wisdom, mandate that we accept their fictitious wonderland. They are wise in their own eyes and live as fools.


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