Democrats Are In A Total Panic After Hawley Announces Election Results Challenge — Check Out What Amy Klobuchar Said About It

( Exclusive) – Many conservatives across the country have been doing their best to help support President Donald Trump’s fight against voter fraud by continuously spreading news reports from non-mainstream sources that contain videos and other information about these incidents.

There are a number of attorneys working directly with the president and some working on their own, who are filing lawsuit after lawsuit in a bid to force the judges in key battleground states to examine the mountain of evidence that exists to prove fraud is happening on a massive scale.

What we’ve all been waiting for in the meantime, however, is to see actual members of the Republican Party step forward and support the president. A lot of folks in Congress on the right side of the aisle have been silent on the matter.

One of the few Republicans who has come forward in a bid to do something about the election being stolen before our eyes is Rep. Mo Brooks. Brooks has stated he’s going to challenge the Electoral College votes, but the Constitution requires a senator to join him in order to make it happen.

Well, after a long stretch of not hearing anything, Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri has come forward and said he would challenge the results too.

According to Gateway Pundit, Hawley’s announcement has Democrats in a total panic. In fact, Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar is so scared of the thought of having this voter fraud overturn the election results and Trump receive a second term that she slammed Hawley and said his actions are a “coup attempt.”

Yes, that’s quite rich coming from a person who belongs to a party that has attempted three coups against President Trump during his tenure in office. It started with the Russia collusion hoax, then moved on to the impeachment fiasco, and now finally this voter fraud scheme.

The Democratic Party has worked tirelessly since the 2016 presidential election to undermine the voice of the American people. Several times they have tried to retroactively cancel the votes and voices of individual Americans across the country. By taking this kind of action they’ve made it clear they don’t think the vast majority of us in this nation should be allowed to choose who our leaders are.

If we value our liberty and the future of our republic, we better continue to fight voter fraud with every fiber of our being. If free and fair elections fall, so does the entire system we’ve built over the last several hundred years. We must not lose heart. There are things happening right now that could be gamechangers.

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  1. Biden confessed:

    “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    Joe Biden
    Joe Biden,

    10/24/20 podcast

  2. It is a significant act that states legislatures pass laws. The reason for the laws governing election, their processes are established for significant reasons, to avoid theft and secure the voice of the legal voters that have the Constitutional right to note as apposed to those imposter votes. It became , under Obama, the fashion to ignore the laws which do not suit personal values which should bring into question the personal values of administrators who ignore our societies laws. It is a foolish population that tolerate officials to ignore laws.

    We have several states legislatures that have establish laws governing their election process, but the people entrusted and paid by the people to manage these elections within the guidance of the people’s laws CHOSE TO IGNORE THOSE LAWS AND BETRAY THE PEOPLE’S TRUST. In any other sphere this is a crime. But here it appears to be accepted and the results of the election in which violations impacted the outcome are anticipated to stand and be certified by the same people that violated the laws. Certified means “. . .officially recognized as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards.. . .”BUT this election DID NOT MEET or even come close to THE OFFICIAL STANDARDS . THIS HAS BEEN VERIFIED AND DEMONSTRATED OVER AND OVER BY A HOST OF VALID EXPERT WITNESSES.

    If I violated the laws and cut corners and instead of taking just my money out of a bank, I chose to take the money of many other people. Does the Bank accept the money as a valid with drawl and my money?

    I you also believe that laws are put in place for a reason and object to your voice being silenced enabling a fraudulent administration to be put in place, go to and send free your petition to congress demanding the laws be enforced and illegitimate election results be abandoned to allow the true voice of the people be heard NOT THE VOICE OF THE DEAD, ILLEGAL, UNDERAGE, OR FICTITIOUS PEOPLE ALONG WITH THE TENS OF THOUSANDS THAT VOTED TWICE USING china printed ballots.

    • Thank you for your clear, concise and correct response to this problem! It’s high time Americans had a lesson in Civics and stopped listening to the biased media’s “spin” on everything political. The right to vote and have your legal vote counted is one of the most BASIC American rights, and it has been trashed by the left (by those same people who screamed and cried when Hillary lost the last presidential election). Now they cry “foul” when 73 million voters were disenfranchised. Such hypocrisy! It’s frankly appalling.

  3. If the democrats were positive there was no voter fraud they would welcome the chance to prove otherwise, there constant denying of voter fraud combined with there stance of not even investigating to make sure tells me all i need to know, they know this was a rigged election there for they will deny any investigations in to it, 70% of Americans have already said they believe this election was rigged and i for one just cant think that many people are wrong

    • There must be many reasons the dems don’t want to prove they cheated by fraud .
      Bill Clinton didn’t really want to commit perjury either but he sure did though .

      The dems want power , to hell with honesty and ethics !

  4. Something to think about: If Biden, Harris and the democrats are willing, out in the open, so we can see that they are thieves and liars where everyone can see the theft and the lies, of the election, what else are they willing to steal?

    • Now if they are willing to unashamedly steal our votes and illegitimately take over the county out in the open what are they willing to steal in secret and behind closed doors. The “big guy and Hunter know!

  5. Some one should tell Amy we are NOT a democracy, we are a REPUBLIC! If congress fails to stand up and fight this fraud there is only one option left to save the republic, the employers, WE THE PEOPLE, will have to do it the hard way! They don’t believe the people will fight, in fact they are counting on it but I don’t believe 75 million Americans will stand by and watch their country stolen!


  6. It’s time We the American people take matters into our own hands and start arresting all the terrorists and enemies of our country setting in our government…

  7. First congress enables the democrats to steal your vote then congress stands by pretending all is well as they steal your country. Every congress person should be standing up to object and recognize the fraud happened , delete the false votes and tell the truth : PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS FOUR MORE YEARS.

    We see the fraud and if congress refuses to see it and set the record straight they are the FRAUDS.

  8. Every congressman SHOULD be objecting to stealing an election. Their office or position could be next. To accept a stolen election is a self deception on the worst level. It’s lying to yourself to steal an election , your peers and the world around you knows you’re a thief, and your whole life in the end is empty and a lie.

  9. I wrote our “bump on a log” republican house representative who has been pleaded with or a decade to use his influence to clean up our voting process and roles BUT he wrote a letter encouraging the postal dept. to deliver the mail in ballots. I am posting the note here.

    You, in the house, ARE NOT REPRESENTING US WHEN YOU SUPPORT ANYTHING OTHER than what the people have asked of you. We asked for a valid election when we were for told via the changing of the process, Biden’s confession of Obama’s voter fraud organization added to their statements of what will follow the morning after the 3rd of Nov. No excuse is acceptable .

    “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Wednesday said the House stand-alone bill to increase stimulus checks to $2,000 has “no realistic path to quickly pass the Senate,” maintaining any action on that front will need to include Section 230 reform and investigations into voter fraud.

    The censoring of the people by these social media outlets is reminiscent of Germany’s censoring. 230 needs to be reformed and the social media etc. needs to be held accountable for silencing us as well as misinforming the people. People should not be kept from running their businesses and doctors should be enabled to prescribe medications found effective against the covid-19 virus INCLUDING Hydroxychloroquine which as been used for years and is successful in curing the virus BEFORE hospitalization is required. The CDC does not advocate any intervention until the last stages of the illness which is curious in light of the normal intervention for an illness. It is very convenient to keep the fear growing to keep the control of people’s lives. This is NOT WHAT GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE DOING. But you are doing it.

  10. The think Klobachar knows how to do best is lie. But that is the truth about all Democrats. I always wonder if they had been praised and rewarded by their parents for lying.

  11. Where do the democRats find people like Klobuchar ? From the same s hole that Omar, aoc, and the other sleazy, anti democracy/American wind bags … Hey Klobuchar, you seem to have a problem with accuracy, honesty, and fairness. What is wrong with checking the integrity of our voting system? Only scum like you are against the truth!!!!!

  12. Prudence suggests that mad dogs and Globalist operatives, when cornered, are capable of anything. I hear a GOP Georgia Congressman-elect Luke Letlow was intubated to death under treatment for the Covid-novel virus. But that was just a co-incidence, wasn’t it?
    GOP Georgia Rep. Loudermilk, became the fourth Republican representative from Georgia to contract the Corona virus, an illness that has a 99.9% survivability rate. Will he show up January 6, 2021?
    Tom Mountain, vice chairman of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee, believes he contracted the benign Corona virus at a December White House get together he called a Super Spreader event, where many attendees (presumably GOP) were maskless.
    Gee, I hope these action do not show a trend to playing hooky in D.C. on January 6, or result in loss of participation (because remote communications glitches happen, you know).
    This is a great danger of an unregulated (open ended) “emergency” with tolerated suspension of obligations and responsibilities, as well as civil liberties.
    This unexpected game-changer cannot help but be noticed as an opportunity by alibi seekers and enablers to avoid, at-will, doing what is expected.
    Do you see it?

    • SKEPTICAL, Your comments are right on track, I sent my SENATOR an email asking her where she stood on the issue of certification of the state electoral vote
      as of yet i have not received any reply dont expect i will, They make all kinds of promises when seeking our votes and monetary support but when they get to Washington they suddenly lose thier backbone, Every citizen in this country should contact their REPRESENTIVIES and let them know what you think it doesnt matter if you are pro or anti TRUMP ,We can no longer stand on the sidelines and expect our elected leaders to do the job they were elected to do it is obvious we must demand that they do the job we elected them to do. The Republican party in particular seems to have a problem when it comes to standing up to the Washington swamp rats.

  13. Every American – please email every Republican Senator and tell them to stand up against the election coup and the one world order ploy.

    This is not politics, it is a serious crime and act of treason. Those responsible need to face the death penalty.


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