Democrat Party Accuses President Trump Of “Glorifying White Supremacy” For Mount Rushmore Independence Day Event

The Dems’ latest hot take on Monday night stood for only moments before it was sent down the memory hole

(Infowars) – The Democratic Party has provoked a collective eye roll on Twitter after blasting the president for an upcoming rally at Mount Rushmore, saying it would honor “white supremacy” on sacred native land. The tweet was quickly nuked.

The Dems’ latest hot take on Monday night stood for only moments before it was sent down the memory hole, though by then it had already been preserved for eternity on an internet archive site.

The hot-button tweet said President Donald Trump had “disrespected Native communities,” and would do so again by holding his July 4th rally at Mount Rushmore, which it deemed “sacred” to some Native American tribes.

The now-deleted post sent critics into a fury, interpreting the message to say that both the iconic American monument and Independence Day itself are celebrations of racism. Among those to wade into the fray were Trump’s own campaign team, as well as the GOP’s national spokesperson, Elizabeth Harrington, who put a challenge to Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

One Trump campaign staffer noted that a number of high-profile Democrats – as well as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent who caucuses with the Dems – had each visited the monument themselves, showing no signs of disapproval at the time.

Conservative pundit Jack Posobiec directed his criticism in another direction, taking aim at Republican lawmakers and suggesting they might adopt the same progressive-friendly position if asked (‘NeverTrump’ Senator Mitt Romney was put up as a likely candidate).

Some netizens on the other side of the political spectrum have taken up the argument against the massive monument, however, noting that the site has religious significance for the Lakota and that it honors presidents who “perpetuated genocide” against Native tribes.


  1. White supremacy is not the problem in this country despite what Democrats and/or BLM say. Yes, there are White racists in America, but there are also Black racists, Hispanic racists, Oriental racists and a host of other nationalities’ racists. Racism is a disease that has no specific nationality preference. It is simply a political slogan that Democrats and BLM are trying to popularize for the sake of political power. Think about it: If the situation between Blacks and Whites were reversed with Blacks becoming the predominant group in the power structure, Whites would be screaming “Black supremacy” BLM would be WLM. Everything would be juxtaposed, but the basic situation would still be the same.

    No matter what Trump says , Democrats and BLM will not believe him. In one sense he is wasting his time trying to defend himself about this or anything for that matter. rump is not racist. His enemies manipulate everything he says or does because the hate him and want him out of the White House. It’s that simple.

  2. When the ‘Cancel Culture’ finishes, we’ll be a nation of nobodies. Rushmore may stand, but I have no doubts next time Democrats are in ; the flag, anthem and Jesus goes…..


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