Democrat Mayor Of Border Town Begs Biden To Stop Releasing Illegals In His City — This Is A Disgrace

( Exclusive) – The Democrat mayor of a Texas border town is pleading with President Joe Biden to stop releasing illegal aliens into his city, which just goes to show you that only folks who are actually down where the action is happening understand why it’s critical that we secure the border and stop allowing folks to break our laws and come into the country illegally.

According to Gateway Pundit, Joe Biden announced in the early part of February that he would be planning to grant 25,000 immigrants who are seeking asylum and currently residing in Mexico to come into the country where while their cases go through our legal system.

Well, in true liberal fashion, illegal aliens have now started to swarm into border towns located in both Texas and California. Along with the influx of folks from Mexico, Joe Biden is also ordering that ICE release all illegals from their custody.

Hey, can you really blame the guy? For the last four years the Democratic Party has been stating that Trump is a racist for his immigration policies. Biden is just doing what any liberal would do in his position. Oh, and for the last four years under Trump there was lower illegal immigration, which means less folks to transform into Democrat voters.

They are simply making up for lost time.

Mayor Bruno Lozano of Del Rio is begging Biden to stop allowing illegals into his city by halting all the current measures regarding the release of immigrants waiting for their court dates. If this isn’t done, Lozano stated he would use his powers as mayor under the emergency declaration to refuse entry of migrants into Del Rio.

“We do not have the resources available to house and accommodate these migrants within our community,” Lozano said in a video message sent to President Biden.

It’s sad that Lozano has even been put in this situation. He wouldn’t have been under President Donald Trump, but the left stole the election and now we have to contend with the idiotic policies of Dementia Joe, who can barely put a coherent sentence together and is currently trying to flood our country with folks that we don’t have the resources to care for at the border.

What a sad state of affairs for the good people of Texas.

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  1. Hopefully he’ll grow a strong spine, tell Biden to take a hike and declare an emergency in his town, the one he was elected to protect.

  2. He’ll never get heard. HIs fellow Demos don’t care. They think they’ll get the illegals votes some day. He’s a brave soul but no one in WH will even hear it.

  3. Love the blue filth………. ..
    What did they expect from ole smeller anyway
    Stupid is as stupid dies
    Guess when you play in the cat box you
    get s**t on yourself .Oooops????????
    Pour some gasoline on yourself and have a smoke.
    Itll give you a warm fuzzy feeling……….. …

  4. MAYBE its time for the GOVENOR to step in and stop this he has the authority he just has to use it. But again we see REPUBLICANS not willing to take a stand.

  5. “Never before in American history has a president done so much harm in the first week alone. . . . In other words, Democrats are trying to undo all of Donald Trump’s accomplishments as fast as they possibly can, no matter what the cost to America is.”

    Interesting, this is a man in the WH that was not elected by the American people.

  6. The democrats in the power stuper of their ambitions care not for the good for America or Americans. They want a melt down of our country so we are no longer able to have a voice or defense.

    What we say or think is of no importance to them. They willingly and without a care will sacrifice Americans and America and burn the Constitution for that power.

  7. I have NO PROBLEM with LEGAL IMMIGRATION, I do have a serious problem with open borders and ignoring the safety of the American people, We as a nation started with immigrants, But we have lost all sense of direction and common sense, We as well as the rest of the world are facing a crisis with covid 19 and while we are struggling to recover does not seem a reasonable time to allow our borders to be opened up. We hear all the Democrats suggest every day that Republicans are completely opposed to Immigrants NO THEY ARE NOT, We support legal immigration and screening of those coming into our country. THATS CALLED A COMMON SENSE APPROACH TO IMMIGRATION, something the Democrats and Washington elites dont dont seem to have the mental capacity to understand, They see open borders as potential votes we see it as potential danger to our country.
    Its not complicated its VOTES or SAFETY.

  8. Why does it not matter that we all know that Biden, the Chinese and the domestic traitors STOLE THE ELECTION! Thieves are suppose to go to jail not to the WH.


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