Democrat Congresswoman Seeks To Strip Memory Of Trump: “Not Even A Bench” Named After Him

( Exclusive) – The attempt to purge all memory or even mention of President Donald Trump’s time in office as the 45th President of the United States continues.

This is getting crazier and crazier.

As Twitter banned Trump—still a sitting president, by the way—from the network for good and Amazon shut down an alternative social media network founded in part by his supporters, Democrat members of Congress seek to punish him and his followers.

They’re impeaching him—again—and with hardly more than a week left in his official term.

They’re trying to censure his supporters and get them added to the no-fly list, while other lawmakers seek to classify MAGA rallies as acts of “domestic terrorism.”

Welcome to the resistance.

Democrat Rep. Linda T. Sánchez (CA) announced plans to introduce a bill which would outlaw naming anything after the “traitor” President Trump following the events at Capitol Hill last week.

“I am working on a bill that would mean that nothing — not even a bench, no airport, no highway, no school — nothing – ever bear the name of this traitor,” she told People on Monday.

“I don’t think that he deserves any of the benefits that are conferred on prior presidents,” she added.

“I don’t believe that a seditious occupant of the White House should have ever have anything named after him.”

She also revealed she had signed on to the articles of impeachment which were introduced by House Democrats on Monday.

In them, President Trump had been accused of “inciting a riot.”

“Given that those around Trump have never stood up to him, I have a hard time believing that they will meet this moment with the, with the appropriate response,” she declared. “So we have also, I have also signed on to articles of impeachment to try to remove him.”

Just think of how hysterical, censorial, and tyrannical the progressive left has been with Trump in office.

What is going to become of conservatives and patriots when they assume power?

Copyright 2020.

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  1. TRUMP ON MT. RUSHMORE ! Trump and his wonderful actions will be surrounding the evil ones for the rest of their lives and then God will decide how to deal with them at their particular time! IMPEACH PELOSI fir knowing of Capitol rush and doing nothing about it and not telling President Trump so they could impeach him on false premise! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

  2. Yahoo! The Dems have assured that President Trump will be one of the most famous presidents in US History! Even years from now, he will be remembered as the only president to be impeached twice by the US House of Representatives. His name will also become a question (answer) on Jeopardy!!!

    • He will better known for erasing Hussein’s legacy of corruption and crimes against America.

      Mt. Rushmore will have another great president soon … hint .. it won’t be today’s progressive liberal trash’s hero the Brown Clown Hussein Obama..!

  3. The Dems can try to scrub social media, benches, memorabilia, etc but nothing will scrub the trump successes from memories.

  4. They sh-t their pants complementing the pieceful protest of blm. And their allies antifa. Although dearing the pieceful protest. Cities were burned, businesses people killed. In Seattle a young man was killed in that commie zone. The protesters would not let paramedics, police in the zone. They made it difficult to recover his body. An the whole time this and other destruction was taking place. The media, democrat congressmen and politians still claiming it was a peaceful protest. Even just this week prime time media news people were still claiming this was a piecefull protest against racism. Although people lost their business and livelihood. And big corporations, democrats, jokewood and more were donating millions of dollars to blm.

  5. This dirty Sanchez will be a sh*tstain in the footnotes of history, while TRUMP will be remembered as our nations finest president since Lincoln.

    • The true “stain “ on our country Ed is her hero and mentor Hussein Obama. Sanchez is just a boil on the democrats @$$ .


    • I totally agree with the essence and insight of your commentary. President Trump will continue to be remembered for the excellence of his time in office and his promises
      made and achieved.
      On another point concerning your commentary. Your choice of vulgar vocabulary in your comment is unnecessary and uncalled for. It speaks poorly of you after all.
      Your general language is sufficient to correctly make the point you intended that, the political swamp is populated by low life’s.
      That “F word” BTW is an acronym and not actually a word. It comes from the British law enforcement when dealing with registering what the prostitutes crime was. The acronym actually is defined as, “Found Under Carnal Knowledge!” The arresting officers just abbreviated the crime with the use of the first letter of each word and it was an attempt at expediency not to produce a current day vulgarity.

  7. Unbelievable! And the left wonders why the conservatives are really angry! Just add this to the growing list of divisive actions from our very own communist government officials!

  8. As in the movie Jesus of Nazareth…. oh God, how long must we wait!? We beseech you Lord to save our nation and protect President Trump. AMEN

  9. She’s Right! Trumps name doesn’t belong on a bench, it belongs on Mt. Rushmore, next to Washington and Jefferson! Where he will wind up when the libtards finally realize that this great patriot has given us back our country!

    • Exactly, everything trump did for this country was awsome, now democrats want to shame trump, besides tear down this country to the point where its citizens are totally dependent on government. Democrats are poison to usa.

  10. All you have to do is substitute the word “Jew” for Republicans and these Democrats are the Nazi party of modern day. They want to wipe us off the planet. Starting with Trump and then send our children to re-education camps. Wake up America.

  11. Democrats repeatedly demonstrate their inability to reason beyond that of a 5 year old. They’ve earned the name “Snowflakes” many times over with their constant whining and screaming at the sky over any imagined insult to their rainbows and unicorns version of the universe. The thing that is so infuriatingly crazy is the fact that so many people actually listen to these morons when they go off on their unhinged rants! I believe these clowns will eventually be dismissed to the dustbins of history, the same as popular alt spiritual and mystical movements from the 1890s. Seances and all.

  12. The audacity of these ignorant uneducated corrupted individuals in politics ! Their hatred for our President range in mental derangement. Who these people think they are? The only reason we know their name today is simply because they have not been voted but obviously cheated too to get tgg he at cushy job .

  13. Sanchez needs to be done away with as she does not represent the USA. She is a racist hate filled pile of commie garbage.

  14. And the end result will be within 5 years all kinds of places across the US will be called TRUMP this or that…. except in s. Calif, NYC and souther NY counties, parts of New England, and many large urban areas, but that leave alot of us to contend with

    • inundate them with TRUMP graffiti….yea, they seem to take graffiti as a display of artwork and don’t arrest those ‘artists’ anymore….give it to them in red, white and blue

  15. The RINO-cracy will fall.

    Why would the FBI put out a warning, to all 50 states, sorry PR and DC, about armed people, aka, voters? They never sent out a warning last summer.

    Exactly where do 75 million people go, when the government no longer accepts their “redress of grievances”?

  16. It is amazing with all the evidence of God’s existence and blessings of creation that we see around us many become arrogant in our own wisdom that and self importance on the earth so that people, who are wise in their own eyes, set a course, traveled many times by individuals or whole societies, for self destruction. We ignore the realities and manipulate the evidence to fit our desired out come, but to pursue this path again traveled by others, is one of self destruction.

    Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and thousands of other societies have followed this false rainbow and did not find their pot of “Good” but only self destruction.

    Now we are being FORCED into this path of self destruction. We did not vote for it, but dead people and non-citizens and fraudulent votes voted for it. Amazing they demand submission to their will forbidding us the freedom of our own will adding that to speak truth is forbidden . Truth is forbidden by this new administration that we are acquired against our will and required to accept. This is the pattern of the “self destruction”leadership through out history, but interestingly they work to destroy our memory of our history which makes it easier to mislead.

    This is the path that the Constitution was written to avoid for our land, but those who are wealthy, acquired power and are wise in their own eyes are foolishly taking us down, the same path that other tyrants and dictators who intend to give us freedom of thought and speech as long as that thought and speech conforms to their specifications. Why should we object. They are smarter, wiser in their own eyes. They can change the weather. They can heal the heart of man to force a concept of equality that they determine, or can they when their own personal lives are demonstrations of the ineptitude for dealing with the reality of TRUTH They constantly change the truth and retrofit it to their creative reality. If they are changing it truth to fit their vision, it isn’t TRUTH. Remember they are only on this earth as we are only on this earth for a short season, and eternity has no end. That is TRUTH.

    Jesus said” I am the Way, the Truth and the Life , no one comes to the Father except by Me”. This TRUTH goes right over the heads of those that are sculpting their truth to fit their vision, but God’s Truth has been here for thousands of years and has been confirmed in millions of lives who are not wise in their own eyes.

  17. This will of course anger Trump supporters, but the GOP Establishment doesn’t care if We the People are mad at them or not; we are now irrelevant. Their biggest donors, such as Big Tech, Big Pharma and the other Big corporations, are their biggest sources for campaign donations, while their votes now come from crooked machines and corrupt Democrat vote “counters” instead of voters. Why should they care what we think of them? They care only about power–and their source of power is no longer us.

  18. democrats are the organ grinder monkeys of the globalists…..they will get kicked to the curb as soon as the globalists get what they have planned.

  19. hello….The Trump name is all over the place….he owns a lot of buildings…..a bench is pretty meaningless in the big picture! congress people have lived off the taxes President Trump’s businesses have paid over the years…..

  20. Dems don’t need us to like them. They found a way to win by fraud and solidify their power by importing uneducated 3rd worlders to vote for them with the promise of free hand-outs.

    • “You can keep your doctor “ . “ Your insurance costs will be lower “.

      “I did not have $ex with that woman “. “ I’ve never been to Epstein’s island “.

      “ It was caused by a video “. Four Americans die while Hillary sleeps off another hangover .

  21. Do our Republicans in Congress think they will liked more if the go against Trump??? Fools. Dems are playing them to get their agendas in play. Wake up. We the people loved Trump and what he did for our country. Biden was a total looser in his accomplishments.
    Now if we voted for Republicans the Dems want to take our children and reprogram them. Why don’t you impeach the Dems spewing this hate and kick them out of office????
    Grow a spine and represent us that are true Republicans and want freedom and less taxation. Enforce rules for illegals quit taking my social security to pay for something else. I worked many years for that money. 2021 it was taken down almost $200.00 less Why???? I earned it and I want it back.
    Not for paying others college educations. I put 3 thru college as a parents duty.
    My relatives left Europe because of these type of problems.
    A lot of criminal Dems and others need to be removed. Not representing the people that voted for them. Only doing for their interests. I am very angry about this double standard. You can voice for people like me and make changes. Trump was finally a man that did so much good for our country and you let him down.
    Well I guess you can go out and have a dinner and travel where you want. I will have to stay locked down and eat what I have at home.
    You people need to take a stand for us that worked for a living and never took a handout or stole from anyone.
    Now if you are white then you will be persecuted for that color. I thought we were past that in our nation until the Dems started it up again. Do something to stop this madness before we become a communist country and like Hitler murdering certain people because of color religion or being Republicans.

    • The GOP Establishment doesn’t care if We the People like them or not; we are now irrelevant. Their biggest donors, such as Big Tech, Big Pharma and the other Big corporations, are their biggest sources for campaign donations, and their votes now come from crooked machines and corrupt Democrat vote “counters,” not voters. Why should they care what we think of them? They care only about power–and their source of power is no longer us.

  22. Is everyone in the Democrat party Demented? It certainly seems that way – they seem to love anything anti-American (like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

    • Yes MystikLady, they are demented and blinded by their own arrogance along with just plain stupidity. They cannot get any one elected touting their destructive policies, so they steal and rob positions including the presidency in which they put up a mentally declining individual who was incompetent when he had all his faculties. They put up a VP candidate who rises in the democratic rating with services rendered and is not able to receive 1% of the support from her own party during the campaigning. Everyone in the democratic party and some republicans who are worse than fair weather supporters of the people are demented and blinded by their ambition and greed. Pelosi wastes OUR resources attempting to fulfill her unbalanced irrational will for power and defies anyone to cross her personal vendettas blaming everyone else for her failings, as she sinks the country into the ooze of her swamp and to hell to the Constitution and to hell to the American People that she bleeds without a whimper of concern. Now we will have the male version in the Senate.

  23. Rep. Matt Gaetz
    We cannot live in a world where Twitter’s terms of service are more important than the terms in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    The problem with democrats is that they DO think they are higher in importance than the Constitution or of God. that is the problem of Lucifer. He thought he was as important as God if not more important. That is why he was thrown out of heaven into hell.

    • REP. MATT GAETZ, I wish more in Congress understood what your comment is saying. We need honorable men and women serving our nation, But we as a nation must come to the understanding GOD is our source of trust not Government.

  24. I cannot understand how these people got through first grade math. The fact that North Muskogee had 782% of their voters to vote and Leland had 461% and Detroit had 141%. Well they never learned one to one correspondence thus they can’t count.

  25. I understand that Harvard dismissed people on an advisory committee because the congress person recognized the election was fraudulent. Are these Harvard people the same ones that said they believer the earth is flat and the moon is made of cheese?

    • They’re the same ones who believe obama is as honest as George Washington and did more for colored folks than Abe Lincoln.

  26. She might consider working in another occupation promoting this senseless trash .
    Well she is democrat ,I’ll give her a pass.


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