Dem Operatives Launch Attack On Pennsylvania USPS Whistleblower As Corruption Runs Rampant In Keystone State

( Exclusive) – Pennsylvania has some serious problems where the integrity of elections is concerned. Since the Trump campaign has begun investigating voting irregularities and abnormalities in the state it has become apparent fraud and corruption are rampant.

Dead people have been voting in the state for years. Former New York City Mayor and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani recently revealed that Joe Frazier has been voting in Philadelphia since his death in 2011. Over 100,000 dead people have been discovered as registered voters though it remains to be seen how many ballots were cast from beyond the grave in the 2020 election. This is a serious problem when you consider millions of unsolicited ballots were sent out to registered voters in the Keystone State.

Dead people voting is far from the only problem in Pennsylvania. On Election Night GOP ballot-watchers were blocked from properly observing the counting process by Democrats. A judge actually had to get involved and rule that GOP watchers be allowed in however Democrat officials halted counting and appealed the judge’s rule. What kind of behavior is that from a political party during an election? The process is supposed to be transparent.

There’s the matter of ineligible late ballots which were supposed to be segregated and counted separately though many counties throughout the state have not been able to prove that they did that. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia ruled that these ballots needed to, in fact, be segregated and counted separately. How are these counties supposed to now go back through all of their ballots and find the late-arriving ones and separate them?

As if all of that weren’t bad enough. You had Democrat operatives all across the state that were going into nursing homes and harvesting ballots from elderly residents who may or may not have been influenced by the operatives to vote Democrat. Democrats also made a concerted effort in the state to reach out to voters whose ballots had been rejected in an effort to get their ballots “cured” though they only reached out to registered Democrat voters not Republicans. Seems fair.

On top of all of that, two whistleblowers have come forward in PA alleging that they received instruction from Postmaster Rob Weisenbach to backdate late-arriving ballots to November 3rd, 2020, to make them eligible for counting.

One of those whistleblowers is Richard Hopkins. He came forward to Project Veritas on Thursday and claimed that the Postmaster ordered workers to pick up and separate late ballots for backdating.

Hopkins completed and signed an affidavit which was given to Lindsey Graham and the Senate Judiciary Committee. Now it looks like Hopkins is being targeted and punished for doing the right thing as he has been placed on unpaid leave from the United States Postal Service. Sounds like Hopkins needs to get a lawyer right away.

How much more corrupt can things get in Pennsylvania?

Apparently, it can get worse. James O’Keefe revealed that a GoFundMe that was set-up for Hopkins has been flagged and is not allowing withdrawals. This is truly completely absurd.

We have really come to a dangerous place in America where corruption and fraud are being covered up by the mainstream media and those who come forward to do the right thing are punished.

If Joe Biden somehow manages to take the White House, you can expect more of this kind of treatment for those of us who have committed the crime of supporting President Trump.

Copyright 2020.


  1. All i heard on the news was early ballots counted tended to be for the loony left and they were ahead…then election night they were waiting for the early ballots and they tended to be for the loon’s….thing’s that make you go hmmmmm?

  2. Again, the left shame themselves by supposing themselves to be smart, but what they are doing is not smart because there has never been and does not exist now squatter’s rights. There are NO squatter’s rights for the presidency and Biden and his wolf pack, drooling for the opportunity to pounce on America, are squatters nothing more at this point in time.

  3. So much for the idea that whistleblowers need to be protected,right Shifft, Schumer ,shows how you thieves,liers think !!! Now these same Marxists who call everyone else racist, ,dictators ,now want to make a list of Trump supporters ,just like Germany did in the 30s And 40s ,to put political enemies in concentration camps . Yet you call Trump supporters Naz*s ,that’s rich !! We can see who the real Totalitarians are !! These people are such hypocrites ,Biden admitted on air he is talking to foreign leaders ,he is not yet President, not even President elect ,not untill ballots have been certified ,isn’t that what these people including Biden ,arrested Gen. Flynn for !! And flynn did it after votes were certified ,unlike these thieves !!

  4. The American Citizen has been dealing with criminal, corrupt, rogue administrators of our most precious possession “our Freedom” for decades. Our Bill of rights has been eroded with false pious justifications demeaning our ability to speak our mind, worship our God without their interference, and to defend our lives with the bearing of arms as they themselves have filled their pockets with benefits as they have turned a deaf ear to us. US, THE PEOPLE WHO ESTABLISHED THIS FORM OF GOVERNMENT have been demoted to worker for the government.

    I find it sickening that they, including Obama, is still receiving a handsome retirement benefit package as he, according to Biden during a CNN interview, organize and direct a massive and country wide voter fraud organization to STEAL AND ROB US OF OUR FINAL RIGHT, THE VOTE. They consistently have taken office with promises that have had evaporating results, over and over with the same promises with no intention of fulfilling their promise, if you like your dr, you can keep your doctor”status. . . .until President Trump was elected with OUR votes, not their fraudulent votes.

    Now Biden using flagrant fraudulent votes like a rogue person who moves into your house denying your ownership, has been flagrantly pretending to be the next president as big tech, banks and industry, who have supported Biden, intend to get a pay back at our expense fall into line seemingly to the uninformed perceive accept the lie. Biden is owned and obligated to them thus we are headed for a hellish existence where the laws do not matter and the people matter even less.

  5. The entire vote counting process is supposed to be transparent. Sounds like it’s as transparent as Hussein’s entire 8-year administration, and by transparent I mean TOTALLY CORRUPT !!!!

    • They say Hussein was seen in a Subaru dealership looking for a legacy . Brown criminal from Kenya ain’t cutting it .

  6. I noticed you have put the corrupt untrustworthy kkk supramist twitter facebook instagram dicttok and all the lying social media as well as fnn abc mnsbc nbc on my mail which I don’t watch or go to as I don’t listen to liars and fake news media sites. Gee I guess I must be the only person on this planet not getting a belly ache listening to the fake news and the blm and the terrorist antifa who also despitezes the democratic party and whichs them condemnation and destruction, I guess the democats must be begging them and hoping that they won’t destroy them and burn down more democratic buildings in democratic cities. Don’t listen to liars don’t believe in liars they only want you to do their dirty work for them and then arrest you for looting their cities.

  7. Anyone believing the crooked corrupt lying untrustworthy kkk supramist democratic party needs to have their heads examined by a licensed head shirnk that tells the truth and not tell lies like the fake news media and the lying democratic party. Keep on dreaming fake democratic party the only thing you won so far is a box car full to the brim of horse and cow manure enjoy it while you can as mealtime will not be so generous lol

  8. Well it’s a known fact no one in their right mind wants to encounter someone from the Clintons or Obama’s goon squad, life is to short.. ask Geoffrey Epstein.

  9. as soon as they start killing Americans for standing up then Civil War 2.0 will begin and these treasonous demoncraps WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF

  10. It is my understanding that at least one of the whistle blowers has not only been harassed by fired from his job. I thought this was illegal. These people who be praised for having the courage to come forward and let us know of problems.

    Isn’t it strange all the whistle blowers who have been proven to have lied about President Trump or people in the Trump administration have been praised [even though in many many many cases they have proven to the liars] and held up as saints, but when people who come forward to bring provable concerns are harassed, fired or worse.

    • MystikLady, The postal worker is not the only people suffering under the fraud of the democratic party. Doctors who have practiced and saved thousands of lives using Hydroxychloroquine have been fired from hospitals for speaking out about the curing results of using this therapy. i find it interesting how the democratic controlled states are again denying the civil rights of their citizens by locking down business and freedoms with the excuse of increase virus which is not reported in Republican states and freedoms are not being as restrictive while DENYING A SIMPLE TREATMENT THAT WOULD ELIMINATE THE FRADULENT JUSTIFICATION FOR LOCKING AWAY OF OUR FREEDOMS.

    • I’m sure none of the ballast were separated ,so that horse has left the barn, but what could be done is only ballots counted BEFORE the states mysteriously shut down be accepted !! Why not all ballots that were there must have been finished or why shut down, and ballots that were mailed had to be received by a certain time on election day per law ,in the election headquarters assigned ! And only the person who voted is allowed to bring their ballots, you can not bring in some one elses ballot in for them , per LAW !! Judges ,AG,Governors do not have authority to change election laws PERIOD !! ITS UNCONSTITUTIONAL !! Just finding ballots and people bringing them in is unconstitutional !! So my suggestion for UDS supreme court is only allow ballots that were counted before the shutdown !! And for all you idiots that yell ,that’s disenfranchising the electorate ,it’s not ,LAWS WERE BROKEN ,illegal voting ,breaking laws disenfranchise the legal votes !!

  11. The fact that such attacks are taking place only confirms the dishonesty and fraud in the Pennsylvania election procedures. Why else would there be a need to stage them?

    I am not a lawyer, but it seems reasonable to me that because of the attacks and the overall amount of documented fraud involved in this system the present results should either be invalidated and a new election held or better yet for Trump the Democrats be forced to cede the state’s electoral votes to Trump by default.

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