Debra Messing Celebrates ‘Great News’ After Judge Says All Texas Voters Can Apply For Vote-By-Mail

(Breitbart) – Will & Grace star Debra Messing is celebrating a federal court decision allowing all Texans to apply for vote by mail. The left-wing Hollywood celebrity described the ruling as “great news” and encouraged Texans to immediately apply for a mail-in ballot.

Federal district judge Fred Biery ruled on Tuesday that all voters in Texas who fear catching the coronavirus can request absentee mail-in ballots under the state’s disability provision of its vote-by-mail election code.

His ruling comes despite problems with election fraud in Texas, including ballot harvesting, which is illegal in the state, and the manipulation of mail-in ballots. But the judge said that “The Court finds such fear and anxiety is inextricably intertwined with voters’ physical health. Such apprehension will limit citizens’ rights to cast their votes in person. The Court also finds that lack of immunity from Covid-19 is indeed a physical condition,” the judge wrote in his ruling.

Debra Messing is one of a growing number of Hollywood celebrities aggressively pushing vote by mail. The Emmy-winning star, who reportedly lives in New York and isn’t a Texas resident, is an loud opponent of President Donald Trump and has feuded with the commander in chief on social media.

President Trump called for NBC to fire Messing from Will & Grace in 2019 after the actress labeled black Trump supports as mentally ill.

Other stars to push vote by mail include Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson Alyssa Milano, Rob Reiner, and Carl Reiner. Some of them have promoted the controversial initiative by invoking the Chinese coronavirus outbreak, alleging that vote by mail is necessary to prevent people from contracting the virus.

President Trump has repeatedly voiced opposition to vote by mail, saying that it facilitates fraud and ballot harvesting.

In Texas, the FBI has found electoral fraud running rampant in the Rio Grande Valley, especially in the use of politiqueras — so-called campaign workers whose job is to engage in illegal ballot harvesting and the rounding up of people to cast votes for certain candidates.

NPR reported on the phenomenon in 2015, noting that in one Texas county, nine politiqueras were charged with manipulating mail-in ballots. In one Texas town, five politiqueras pleaded guilty to election fraud, including bribing voters with cigarettes, beer, or cocaine.

Featured image credit: Instagram/therealdebramessing


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