De Blasio’s Snitch Hotline Shuts Down Because America Is Awesome

(Breitbart) – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “snitch line” has been forced to shut down because America is still America and the blowback was freakin’ awesome.

Oftentimes we use George Orwell’s seminal novel 1984 as a metaphor for something we don’t like, a metaphor for government overreach and the like. In this case, a metaphor is not necessary. Thanks to Comrade de Blasio, we are now allowed to use the word “literally” while referencing 1984, as in de Blasio is literally embracing 1984’s villainous Big Brother by literally asking Americans to snitch on their fellow Americans — to call the police should a friend or neighbor go for a walk, or something.

On Saturday, de Blasio unveiled his NYC311 system to encourage New Yorkers to snitch on outlaw New Yorkers for violating the state’s stay-at-home and social distancing rules.

The response was glorious.

The Daily Mail reports the hotline had to be shut down after “members of the public vehemently criticized the ‘tyrannical overreach’ the hotline posed and within hours it was flooded messages of contempt for de Blasio instead.”

“[M]essages included photos of extended middle fingers and links to articles about de Blasio breaking his own social distancing instructions.”

One amazing American who deserves a Pulitzer “photoshopped the video of de Blasio announcing the tip line, adding a Hitler mustache to his lip and a Schutzstaffel Nazi logo to his suit jacket[.]”

There were also penis photographs, a request to “eat a bag of dicks,” and a reminder that “snitches get stitches.”

One concerned New Yorker told police “de Blasio was seen performing oral sex on someone in an alleyway behind a 7-11” — which, if true, sounds like it violates New York’s stay-at-home order and New York’s social distancing order and New York’s ban on Big Gulps.

Eventually, the NYC311 system was so flooded with all this great Americanism, it had to be shut down.

You know, everyone in my little neighborhood is practicing social distancing, even though we have about a dozen kids between the ages of four and 11 here who, pre-pandemic, used to all play together. But if I saw them still playing together, I wouldn’t even dream of snitching.

Sure, it would be a violation of my state’s stay-at-home rules, but if these families choose to allow this, how does this harm me?

On the other hand, if I caught someone in the neighborhood licking the handles of everyone’s mailbox, I’d call the police … probably to turn myself in for beating the guy senseless.

Come on, let’s be reasonable here.

The government encouraging Americans to snitch on other Americans… Good grief.

To begin with, people don’t need to be encouraged to report legitimately dangerous behavior. But when the government advertises snitching, the ways in which it can be abused to settle scores and satisfy grudges is fairly obvious.

But this is how totalitarians on the left think… To their twisted minds, this is righteous behavior.

You see, leftists are made deeply uncomfortable by the messiness of freedom. Conformity is the goal. Rigid conformity, and if that conformity can only be achieved through a Stasi-like climate where citizens live in terror of being turned in to the authorities by friends and neighbors, so be it.

Leftists are also elitists who do not believe the rules apply to them… This is why, while infected with the coronavirus, CNNLOL’s Chris Cuomo was out gallivanting in New York on Easter Sunday, and why de Blasio violated his own stay-at-home orders for a trip to the gym.


  1. Lets see, Pelosi goes on vacation during the pandemic and eats fancy ice cream instead of doing her job. She and the democrats also hold up the relief twice last time and again this time trying to fill it with green new deal stuff and gun control crap that has nothing to do with getting people back to work, helping small businesses or following their own screaming about wearing masks and distancing which they all ignore.

  2. Now when the lives of persons are at stake, why should the person responsible for their safety and well bring not take drastic measures to protect everyone. N o w when we have a President who is the laughing stock of the World after yesterday when Trump said that the CDC should look at ways to put ultraviolet light inside the body and use disinfectant in the body to kill the virus. Just look at how the USA a World leader, is now looked at in the World. As one prominent Conservative paper in Europe said that Trump should step aside and leave it to the professionals to work on the virus, that Trump is doing more harm than good, and the other Conservative papers in other countries, are no kinder to Trump. When a major disinfectant Company just put out major adds saying do not ingest their product because it could result in death to the person.

  3. De Blasto what’s wrong with you…get a life you love living so you can learn to really love others…

    Know The Truth And
    The Truth Will Set You Free…

  4. New Yorkers should have taken that opportunity to snitch on Traitor Trump for all the golf games he’s played during the outbreak instead of doing his flipping job. That would have taken him down! BIDEN 2020!!!!!

    • From those who have been watching him nearly daily instead of watching and/or reading the usual BS Democrat/Socialist/Commie propaganda, let us tell you that he has been probably been working 12-14 (or more) hours a day (maybe he had one or two afternoons off during this time and who should begrudge him that in well over a month?!). Actually, I think that perhaps some of his poorest decisions probably came when he should have been on the golf course resting. And there would be no problem in social distancing since he would be going to his own golf course. Of course, as an Independent who can tell you I don’t agree with a number of things that Trump has done during the pandemic, I can tell you that almost no one else (and truly NO Democrat/Socialist/Commie) could begin to match his excellent “flipping job” (note that I don’t say “outstanding” since I don’t think he has made that grade nor do I think that anyone else gets near that (Cuomo – fair), governors – very good to absolutely pathetic, deBlasio – not nearly up to absolutely pathetic.

    • Even a president towards whom TDS has consumed your addled mind deserves a few golfing hours off from his 18 hour days keeping such worthless trash as you safe from your stupidity.

      At least DJT didn’t go golfing and fund-raising while the bodies of four Americans lay in the courtyard of the Benghazi mission, slaughtered because his Secretary of State Hillary told security forces nearby and the Marines to “stand down!”

  5. Lmao. Ol deblasto getting a little of what hes giving. Hope they start calling his personal number and office and then vote his ass out. Get a real mayor.

    • this scumbag is done after his term is up anyway. the idiots who voted for him are getting exactly what they deserve.

  6. This article is PRICELESS! I think I might just share it with a few of my friends! We could all use a little humor in this dull, dreary existence thrust upon us by the COVID-19 shutdown!

  7. The greatest country in the world! People will not be told to snitch on each other for getting some fresh air, going for a walk, going outside with out a mask (getting some sun). deBlasio and Cortez need to get together and see if they can find at least 2 brain cells between the two of them so they can justify the space they take up. IMPEACH them both!


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