DC Wireless Alert Sent Through FEMA Orders Residents To Stay Home, All ‘Non-Essential’ Businesses Closed For A Month

(Gateway Pundit) – On Wednesday at 8 pm, the District of Columbia issued a Wireless Emergency Alert through FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System ordering DC residents to stay home until April 24.

The alert said that all non-essential businesses will be closed down effective at 10 p.m.

The alert began and concluded with “STAY HOME,” in all capital letters.

“STAY HOME. You have a critical role to play in stopping the spread of COVID-19 in DC. Effective at 10 pm tonight (Wednesday, March 25), the District of Columbia will close all non-essential businesses through Friday, April 24. We are depending on you – be a good neighbor, STAY HOME,” the message said.

It also linked to a website that translated the order into multiple languages.

The website also had a list of businesses that can remain open, as well as ones that are ordered closed.

Businesses that will stay open include automotive repair and supply shops, banks and credit unions, bike shops, childcare facilities, grocery stores, liquor stores, convenience stores, hospitals, dentists, pharmacies and veterinarians and animal care services.

Those forced to close their doors include gyms, health clubs, spas, salons, tattoo parlors, clothing stores, theaters, auditoriums, and nightclubs. Restaurants, bars and other food services are also closed unless they are offering delivery or grab-and-go carryout.

It is unclear if the city plans to prevent people from attending Easter Sunday services, which many have complained would potentially be a violation of the First Amendment.



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