DC Mayor Bowser Begs Residents To Stay Home For The 4th Of July Due To Coronavirus – But Black Lives Matter Protests Are OK (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser urged Washington DC residents to stay home on Independence Day this year due to the coronavirus threat.

Bowser made her remarks on Thursday during a press conference.

Of course, this is the same mayor who was OUT MARCHING with Black Lives Matter protesters just two weeks ago.

And she says nothing about the continued protests in the city.

Some causes are more important than others.

Featured image credit: @Fox5Wagner



  1. Why don’t this dumb sh%t mayor take a look at her own city (DC). White males graduate HS at over 1&1/2 the rate of black males ATTENDING THE SAME SCHOOLS. The graduation gap between black and white widened 2-3 points over the past 2 years. Systemic or institutional racism–there is one for the books, how many years have blacks and white democrats voted for and supported by the black communities been running DC, try 45+years. Its been over 10 years since a Republican has even set on the DC councel. National stats show a black person 4 times more likely to commit crime than a white. Politifact shows 73% of black babies born out of wedlock, 67% black children growing up in single parent homes. So exactly what is it this black woman is doing for the black communities; THE ONLY ONE HURTING THE BLACKS ARE THE BLACKS-your own people are letting you down and these are the same people you continue to vote for and re-elect. BLM-really?

  2. Why isn’t she being REPLACED by a RECALL election? . . . This is what should be done for ALL WORTHLESS Politicians LIKE her! One Enlightened but DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • joey – apparently you don’t ‘understand’ how deecee politics work – if you are a democRAT you can do no wrong. Remember that this is the city that reelected marionbarry AFTER he had been convicted of and served time for drug crimes.

  3. F**K HER AND EVERY OTHER POS COMMUNIST TYRANNICAL AMERICA HATING DEM!! Every one of these asshats should be on their knees praising GOD that they are so BLESSED to be living in the GREATEST COUNTRY ON GODs GREEN EARTH. As someone who served i will celebrate with my 9yr old son this great countrys founding ANYWHERE ANY WAY AND AND HOWEVER I CHOOSE!


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