DC Cops Given DISGUSTING Order For Trump’s Inauguration Day

January 19, 2017 8:25 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Many hateful liberals are adorning their war paint for the Trump inauguration. DC police officers met to determine their course of action – and what they were told is sickening.

According to NBC Washington, DC officers will not be allowed to have their body cameras on as it’s “against the law” for them to film and monitor the protesters present at the inauguration.

They have been instructed to instead only turn on their cameras if they are arresting someone, which means they won’t have video evidence of any crimes that take place before arrest.

If an incident does happen to take place, and one more than likely will, there will be almost no police evidence to substantiate their claims. It will just be the officer’s word against the person who was detained!

On the other hand, the liberals will be allowed to film the police’s actions all they want to make sure they are acting correctly. It seems rather unfair, if you ask me, because these cameras are a huge asset to the police force.

These cameras are able to provide evidence of the criminal activity that justifies why the police officer arrested the person in the first place. Much of this footage has been used to identify criminals and information that may not be remembered of the incident.

According to Blue Lives Matter, the camera filming is a standard procedure. It was a camera that proved that Tracey White was a liar after she said she was a victim of police brutality and racial slurs when in fact there were no slurs and she resisted arrest.

Once again, the liberals are playing the victim card and are tying up the hands of our police officers. The Trump inauguration will be a hopeful time for many, but it is also expected to be quite dangerous with all the protesters who are planning on appearing.

I’m sure that because the police will be unable to film crimes, tons of liberals will be claiming police brutality and other horrible things because that is what they do. They claim the filming “violates the First Amendment” but then changed their minds and said that, if unfilmed, the police will brutalize people.

The cameras not only keep our police officers safe from untrue claims, but they also hold the officer accountable. And that’s what liberals need to realize—these cameras benefit cops and citizens alike, and they should be kept on during the inauguration.

Movements like Black Lives Matter and others have already sworn to “shut down” Trump’s inauguration. Undercover reporters have even showed that some activists are planning attacks to prevent the swearing-in from taking place.

Many are sure to escape conviction with the cameras not rolling, and if people are going to the inauguration, then I suggest they be careful. The liberals are planning to make the transition as painful as possible, and we need to support our police officers and incoming administration now more than ever before.


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