DACA Protesters Storm Stage At Democrat Presidential Debate In Houston

(Gateway Pundit) – Protesters interrupted the start of the closing segment of the Democrat presidential debate in Houston, Texas Thursday night, with some of the protesters storming the stage. They reportedly were chanting, “”We are DACA recipients. Our lives are at risk.”

Protesters were photographed wearing shirts with messages, “”Defend DACA, Abolish ICE, Citizenship For All”, and “No human being is illegal on stolen land”.

Joe Biden was set to answer a question about dealing with setbacks when the protesters started chanting. TV viewers and reporters in the press room could not make out the chant, but a Democrat activist in the hall, Jess Davidson, said they were right in front of her and were chanting, “We are DACA recipients. Our lives are at risk.” Davidson and others in the hall noted the protesters also stormed the stage–something that ABC News did not show.

“The protestors were yelling, “we are DACA recipients. Our lives are at risk.” Unclear if they were TSU students.”

“They also got up on the stage. Solidarity with those brave students who put their bodies on the line tonight — something that is much higher stakes for DACA recipients. We need a #CleanDREAMActNow”

Video and photos:

UPDATE: A claim of responsibility by a leftist Korean and Asian American group, “Hi! Those protesters were our 4 DACAmented young leaders who attended the debate as guests. They felt compelled to act in the moment due to current danger that #DACA is in and why our communities need #Citizenship4All”



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