Crowd Cheers As Tow Trucks Remove Disabled Vans Blocking Road To Mount Rushmore (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Anarchists and leftists on Friday disabled vans and blocked the road to President Trump’s Mount Rushmore event.

RSBN reported that Antifa militants removed bats from their white vans.

The National Guard moved in and police began making arrests.

The crowd cheered as tow trucks removed the disabled vans blocking the road to Trump’s event.

The tow truck drivers honked to show support.



The road is still blocked.

Watch: President Donald Trump Speaks at Mount Rushmore


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  2. This is classic liberal media flip-flopping. I’ll bet that, if Trump came out in favor of something like abortion, the liberal media would come out against it simply because Trump was in favor of it. They complain about their supposed mistreatment by the president, but they set themselves up for it. No wonder thinking people of any political party can’t take hem seriously…

  3. Those vans all look like rentals, Who rented them and who paid for them? Follow the money for all the answers .

  4. Bring in the TROOPS and watch ANTIFA and BLM TRAITORS run away screaming like excited little SCHOOL GIRS that they are . . . They are bullies and COWARDS. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. Immaturity and lack of ability to persuade on the merit or lack of validity of the leftist mind set means they have to resort to force. It is a immature mind that has to resort to force to interfere. Through out history , very false mind set has had to resort to force which is why we had WWI and WWII . destruction and unbalancing societies is the dirt and evil of the left.

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