Crooked Hillary Clinton Trashes Trump During Speech At Southern Christian Leadership Luncheon In Atlanta (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton received the SCLC ‘Realizing the Dream’ award on Friday during the 61st annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Crooked Hillary trashed President Trump during her speech at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Classless Hillary Clinton just had to talk about President Trump at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Hillary suggested Trump is a racist because he dared to criticize the four Communist freshman Congresswomen known as the “squad.”

Hillary has no class — Trump lives rent free in her head.

“Sending racist tweets meant to demean not only members of Congress, but all people of color, all women and all immigrants,” Hillary said.

“We are better than this, but we better start proving it, not just saying it,” Hillary said. “It can’t just be a battle fought out on Twitter. That battle has to be fought and won at the ballot box – which is the only place that matters.”

Hillary fear-mongered and told the crowd of black activists that we’re still struggling with race issues just like we did in the 1950’s.

“There’s no doubt the struggles we face now are as consequential as those we faced in the 1950s,” Hillary said. How progressive!

According to a reporter who attended the luncheon, the audience cheered at the conclusion of Hillary’s speech and many said, “Run Hillary Run.”