Critics: Trump Ratings Up Because Evening News Inadvertently Making POTUS Look ‘Competent’

(Breitbart) – As President Donald Trump’s approval ratings hit all-time highs, Trump’s critics are now arguing that the nightly news broadcasts are inadvertently upping his ratings by inadvertently making Trump seem “coherent,” “competent,” and “presidential” by truncating his rambling responses during the Coronavirus crisis.

Press Watch’s Dan Froomkin argued on Wednesday “that the broadcast networks shouldn’t break into regular programming to show the briefings live anymore. Watching them, unfiltered, makes their viewers dumber and less safe.”

“More often than not, mainstream reporting on even the most incoherent and contradictory Trump briefing consists of cherry-picking quotes that make him sound coherent, and in no way whatsoever indicate the true nature of the lunacy,” Froomkin continued. “To some degree, we’re getting the worse of both worlds right now. When Trump says something outrageous, the media unthinkingly broadcasts it live – then ignores it.”

New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie said that the evening news broadcasts could also be making Trump seem more competent because they have a limited amount of time to air Trump’s words. Bouie flagged a tweet about evening news broadcasts last week seeing a 42 percent increase in viewership (32 million viewers) from last year and said “this may help explain” the president’s approval ratings because “evening news broadcasts are featuring a truncated Trump who appears more competent than he is as a result of editing.”

As Froomkin pointed out, the “nation’s most eminent media critics are virtually unanimous that television networks should stop the live broadcasting of the White House’s daily coronavirus briefings” because “Trump has turned into a torrent of dangerous lies, misinformation and self-aggrandizement.”

But cable news producers and hosts are struggling to figure out how to prevent Trump from “hijacking” the briefings and turning them into “virtual campaign rallies.” MSNBC’s Chris Hayes simply did not play any sound on Tuesday while airing Trump’s clips and corrected Trump’s “lies.” According to the Daily Beast, “privately, several staffers at CNN and MSNBC have acknowledged that airing Trump’s pressers live and in full likely amplifies the spread of misinform.” An NBC News “insider” even reportedly told the outlet that Trump needs to be “quarantined” like the Coronavirus: “I think the best way to handle the president in the briefing is that you handle the president like you handle the virus. He has to be contained and quarantined and his falsehoods have to be scrubbed so that they don’t rub off on you.”

The most recent Gallup poll found that 60% of Americans approve of how Trump is handling the Coronavirus crisis while his job approval rating (49%) has hit an all-time high.


  1. These so-called journalists keep proving over and over just how much they are not journalists. All they are are mouthpieces for the democrats. They’re only agenda is to defeat Trump by hook or crook, mostly crook. If anyone has any contact with these so-called journalists spit on them. Them tell them that is exactly what you think of their reporting.

  2. They don’t like live briefings because they can’t edit and make it seem like he said something he didn’t. They would love for him not to be able to campaign yet Biden is. Biden is making a complete idiot of himself. They want to keep people quarantined infinitely if it was up to them. That’s their socialism coming out. Voting by mail. Only way the democrats can win because they know how to cheat. I’m sure when Trump wins again it’ll be Russia’s fault. Think about it why would Russia want him. He’s been harder on them than any other president has been. Mail in they can get their beloved illegals votes counted and all their dead citizens votes counted. Why don’t we ever hear of cheating when a democrat wins? Listen toBiden, imagine him being president now? He was VP during the swine flu and look how that was handled. Media gave it 5 seconds of air time. Wasn’t concerned with thousand of deaths. They’re not concerned with over 37,000 people who die of the flu. This is being used a political device for them. I really wouldn’t be surprised if they helped Develop it. They needed something to tank the economy. Two years prior Gates warned of virus coming. This is not long after Trump just took office. Gates is part owner of that lab. China wasn’t crazy about deal he was made to take. Gates is a major democrat donator. Gave 250 million to Clinton’s Campaign. The democrats only care about control and power. No matter what they did Trump came out better for it. You can bet Russia will interfere but I’m sure the democrats made a deal with them already and have something in place to blame Trump when they lose again. If the country doesn’t want to go through this for another 4 years please vote these idiot democrats out. Aren’t you tired of seeing these crooks get away with everything. They’ve corrupted the FBI and CIA. We can’t trust our justice system Honesty is not in their blood!

  3. too bad they make make pulosey look intelligent, but hey, they cant work miracles. she is the biggest liar of all, along with shumuck, schitt, Nadler,and the rest of the idiots.


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