Crazy, Washed Up Joan Baez Writes Anti-Trump Protest Song And It’s As Stupid As She Is

(Gateway Pundit) – Washed up 60’s folk singer Joan Baez released a new folk song this week where she attacks President Trump with her nasty attacks on this historic president.

Baez is hoping to become relevant again after her glory days in 1960.

Oh, and it’s JUST AWFUL!

Common Dreams reported:

Joan Baez, protest singer of the peace and civil rights movements of the 1960s, has gone viral with a protest song for today’s Trump era, called “Nasty Man.”

The song features roses in the Rose Garden telling President Donald Trump that he “owes the Earth a pardon;” pokes fun at the president for his border wall plans and Melania Trump’s notable absence from the White House; and suggests that he “better talk to a shrink” for his “serious psychological disorders.”

In the song, Baez also describes Trump finally falling into obsolescence: “That’s my little song/about a man gone wrong./He’s nasty from his head to his feet./When the dirt on this man/finally hits the fan,/and no one gives a damn about his tweets,/he’ll be finally and forever obsolete.”

The song, which Baez described to Rolling Stone as “not a good song, but it will make people laugh,” has garnered over two million views since the singer posted it to her Facebook page on Tuesday night.


  1. She is SO Totally Irrelevant!! Another Has Been who Still Wants SO Badly to be somebody. She only ever sang war protest songs. And they were never any good. Never one to back our Military. I say, “Not Happy Here in the USA? Then just Leave. Go somewhere that you like better. Won’t be a loss for the USA.

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