Coward Cop Who Failed To Stop Parkland Shooting Now Living On $100K Pension, No Charges

May 17, 2018 11:35 am  

( – It will sound like a broken record to say so but there are so many people who failed so miserably hard to prevent the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14th, it’s far beyond a perfect storm.

It’s a cesspool of corruption, negligence, and cowardice. And it’s hard not to believe there’s far, far more going on than even the most damning reports coming out of Parkland Florida.

You will be disgusted to find that the school resource officer assigned to MSD High School, Scot Peterson, who failed to engage the shooter in any way and cowered outside the school in his golf cart as he heard shots fired–only to be joined shortly by Broward County Sheriff’s deputies cowering in their cars who also failed to engage the shooter–is now living with a hefty pension and absolutely no charges filed for his gross negligence and flat-out crimes.

This was, of course, just one final person in a long line of adults who failed miserably to protect the community from Cruz–and protect him from himself.

“One of the main questions that was being asked in the immediate aftermath of the shooting at Stoneman Douglas was why suspected gunman Nickolas Cruz was not apprehended by a school resource officer during his rampage, especially considering the fact that his troubled record—which showed that he was disciplined 58 times by the school district between 2012 and 2017—should have made officials aware that he may return to campus after he was suspended,” the Free Thought Project’s Rachel Blevins explains.

“Cruz also left several threatening comments on social media in which he stated that he planned to become ‘a professional school shooter,’ and he directly threatened other students with physical harm. The FBI received multiple credible reports about Cruz in the months leading up to the shooting, and police were called to his home nearly 40 times in recent years over reports of ‘mentally ill person,’ ‘child/elderly abuse,’ ‘domestic disturbance,’ and ‘missing person,’” Blevins adds.

This was absolutely Peterson’s business to know, and to interfere with.

“As the veteran officer who was stationed at the school, Scot Peterson should have been aware that a suspended student was threatening violence, and when he heard reports of gunshots, he should have been the first one to confront the shooter,” Blevins states.

Peterson has yet to be apprehended himself for his obvious failure to act, choosing instead to resign rather than be fired for his miserable failure, which landed him the generous pension.

“The former deputy is now receiving a state pension of $8,702.35 each month, which equals around $104,428 per year, according to a report from the Sun-Sentinel. Peterson worked in Broward County for 32 years, and a spokesperson for the sheriff’s department confirmed that he is being investigated for his actions during the shooting, but they did not say how long the investigation would take,” Blevins notes.

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