COVID Whistleblower: HOSPITALS Are Lying To The Public

( Exclusive) – A new report coming from Gateway Pundit has revealed that yet another COVID whistleblower has come forward to make allegations that the statistics concerning ICU’s being overrun are being wildly inflated, over-reported, and in quite a few cases, just totally lied about by political officials.

None of this will be shocking to those of us who have been paying close attention to the way this pandemic is being handled from the very beginning. It’s obvious the left sees this whole situation as the golden goose, the granddaddy of all crisis situations they’ve been waiting for in order to employ the use of fear and panic as weapons to strip away our liberty.

The whistleblower, Josh Snider, held a position in facilities management at Missouri Baptist Medical Center or “MBMC” and said, “I watched our hospital administrators say in the media that our intensive care units were overflowing with COVID patients, at 98% capacity, knowing that it was a complete and utter lie.”

According to Snider, this hospital never had 98 percent ICU occupancy. This was a lie told by administrators to media outlets who did not do their due diligence to check the accuracy of that information. And they wonder why we don’t trust fact checkers?

“Snider relates that the MBMC hospital, part of a larger $5.5 billion annual network within the Barnes Jewish hospital system in St. Louis, Missouri, actually shut down three out of four floors of intensive care during COVID because they were UNUSED,” the report says.

“And even after shutting down three-fourths of our ICU capacity, they were still never more than 50% full with that drastically reduced overall capacity. These medical systems that are saying they are overrun with COVID patients are likely LYING TO THE PUBLIC,” Snider went on to say.

This is the ICU wing during the COVID pandemic (screen shots here, here, and here). As you can see, there aren’t any COVID patients to admit.

The hospital, MBMC, has refused to provide any comment on this story, despite repeated attempts being made to get their side of this whole mess.

“Snider provided documentary proof of the COVID case load of the MBMC system, whose COVID patients do not track national trends, and where the number of COVID patients in ICU were, at many points, a single, solitary person,” the report continues.

“I would have to adjust the airflow in some of the rooms of people in the ICU with COVID, they were fine. I believe in COVID, I know it’s serious, but I also personally saw people who were fine, they had a terminal case of boredom. I spoke with these people and they weren’t sick at all, they felt fine but were told they had to stay there. Many brought their PlayStations with them to waste away the days with video games instead,” Snider said.

The case charts that were published by the MBMC hospital chain also reveal that most of the hospitalizations for the coronavirus were almost always minor. Snider states that their ICU COVID capacity was 60 patients.

The whistleblower then provided an insider chart (screen shot here) from the hospital that shows some very different numbers from the ones that were being reported to both the public and the government.

“These charts, provided by Snider, show that there was a relatively normal track for COVID infections at the MBMC Center, an acute care facility in St. Louis. Even during periods of infection spikes in the national population, those spikes are not found in the hospital data. As well, the bottom line showing serious cases of COVID requiring intensive care remain significantly small and reduced throughout the months of the pandemic.”

“INTERNAL: on August 18, 2021, MBMC said they had 19 COVID patients in ICU. EXTERNAL: on August 20, 2021, MBMC told the public they had 35.3 COVID patients in ICU.” GP’s report says.

Some of the folks who were hospitalized were playing video games for crying out loud. Does that sound like severe cases of COVID? No. Not at all. These people were lying through their teeth to everyone. It’s sickening.

Here’s a chart (screen shot here) that was generated using information that was turned in to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and later published by the Gannett News Service.

You can see the overstated COVID ICU stats are totally visible here.

“The real flu season in the hospital was always more serious than COVID has been,” Snider proclaimed. “Flu season in a hospital is very challenging, and even the tamest flu season in years past was still worse than COVID has been so far. The people who have been suffering and sadly dying are clearly people who are hundreds of pounds overweight, and people with multiple other comorbidities like stage 4 cancer. I’m not a Doctor, but the response and panic to this virus is clearly wildly disproportionate to reality.”

And yet, the radical leftists in this country are continuing to pump up the fear. Why? Because so many Americans have become addicted to comfort that when they are scared, they will gladly give up their liberty for someone else to come along and help make them comfortable again.

They don’t want to accept that their health, safety, and wellbeing is their own personal responsibility and not that of others.

And the left takes advantage of this by increasing fear and getting people to willingly surrender their freedom.

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  1. ” Lying to the public”? Lying has been the strategy of the inept, the ignorant those unable to master the skills required, so they lie. The dirtying of the election process is proof of their lacking of quality skills.

    I am amazed at the number of suckers who swallow the lies daily and waste their lies attempting to live the hook line and sinker lies poured out on humanity by the father of lies whom God predicted its end and put it in its place in the beginning, in the garden.

    I found in Hebrews powerful information explaining Who has been and is in control through the ages and the suckers run from this enlightenment and truth which is why they hate the Scriptures and people who follow the Son of God and not the snake.

    We as humans have had the Truth presented in ” different ways, portions of the Truth via the prophets, people who speak the Truth.

    “But in the last of these days He has spoken to us in [the person of a] Son, Whom He appointed Heir and lawful Owner of all things, also by and through Whom He created the worlds and reaches of space and the ages of time[He made, produced, built, operated, and arranged them in order].

    He is the sole expression of the glory of God [the lLight-being, the out-raying or radiance of the divine]., and He is the perfect imprint and very image of [God’s] nature, upholding and maintaining and guiding and propelling the universe by His mighty word of power.

    When He had by offering Himself accomplished our cleansing of sins and riddance of guilt, He sat down at the right hand of the divine Majesty on high.”

    How foolish for Pelosi and the others to fight this loosing battle, thinking their word is of equal influence. So many have tried before just as George Soros is wasting his life attempting to deny God’s authority. They who have swallowed the lies of the snake have died and the evil they wrought has scared generations. There is nothing to give these suckers any indication they will succeed. Although the left wants to erase history which they mistakenly think will erase their folly, history cannot be changed. As the writer of Hebrews has stated He, God’s Son “has already sat down at the right hand of the divine Majesty on high.” and Pelosi , Schumer or even George Soros have nothing to look forward to, in the long term, other than the end and empty lives that the other suckers who were suckered into following the father of lies have received.

    • Interesting headline: “PIPED IN NOISE OF FANS CHEERING?


      ‘Phony’ is the term for the democratic party, phony election in 2020 and California with a most likely in 2022. Phony promises, phony adherence to laws or the Constitution. Phony information that is costing people their lives. Phony prosecution for conservative protesters while their cronies kill burn and destroy businesses with no accountability. Yup the democrats are phony through and through but they have no shame and do not care what the People know or think because they have Rampant “voter fraud” to keep their power.

  2. We have been giving up our freedom for years, you have to wear a seatbelt, you have to wear a helmet, you have to get your kids vaccinated in order to go to school! All to get us conditioned to accepting the governments control over us and it has worked! Now they are going for the big push with this Covid virus given to us by China. Why are we and other countries not holding China responsible for this? Why are they not being punished? You are losing your freedom fast, when are you going to stand up and say enough is enough! Now Biden wants banks to report all bank transactions by you that are six hundred dollars or more to the IRS. Again when is enough, enough!

  3. This is the bubba Joe you’re wrong they do publish lies. You must be one that is taking the jab and you’ve gotten infected you have no idea look it up SDS sheets read what I’ve said in my comment above you have no idea you haven’t done your homework so you don’t know because if you did you would have read the SDS from all pharmaceutical companies. SDS means safety data sheets I figure since you don’t haven’t done any research you have no idea what that is besides you’ve already seconded by that job and they do print bad stuff they’ve been printing it bad and lying to people for their own gain of function you are one of the morons that wants to be lazy and not doing anything and you’ll take anything that they want especially and experimental mechanical delivery system to put pathogens in your body a pathogen should not be put into your body. But you go on believe in and giving up all your rights so that they can kill people off cuz the neck when you get your flu this next time you’re going to get sick you probably wanted the ones that have taken the flu shot every year which by the way means they’ve been infecting you with CoV-2 because that’s what your flu shots have been filled with for the past 18years. And I know this because I was a union minor number two in North America and my boss the president of The blasters association of North America disgusted back in 2002 when the 8th miners in China 150 mi from Wuhan stirred up the bat excrements in the caves in 2002 and that’s when they researching the bats this wasn’t a leak from the lab this was spread through the Chinese communities and where over 118,000 people died. Those who didn’t die they put on planes trains boats and left them go across the world to infect the people in July of 2018 it started that’s when it all happened but this goes back to 2002 see you are an idiot because you believe that those people aren’t going to lie to you gain of function control makes you lose your freedom you need to really research everything before you start saying anything look at the doctors in Germany that found the blood tainted I mean tainted stacked like coins in the bodies of the people that have been injected with these jabs. Since we all know you’ve had your jabs go get your blood tested in front of yourself have them look at it, then you look at it and see that it’s not normal blood compared to what normal blood looks like you can look that up anywhere. What about the young people in Canada in Ontario that have nothing but heart problems now because they were injected with the jab. If you’ve had your jobs do your research and just don’t get any more you might be able to save yourself except for when the next flu comes then you’ll get real sick and jabs cause more than just heart problems

  4. You can see the lie’s in the SDS from all of the pharmaceutical companies. Have your blood looked at in front of you and you look at your own blood compared to that of what normal blood should look like. You will see it’s not normal. There are many scientists and doctors that have proven that blood has been tainted by these mechanical delivery systems to put pathogens into your cells. A vaccine is not to put pathogens into your cells it’s to help your immune system get used to fighting that disease. I won’t get it cuz I know they’ve been lying they’ve been lying since 1984 and this is all scam, why would Bill Gates say, “if we give enough vaccinations we can depopulate the planet.”these people just want to depopulate the planet by 90%. So that they can control it that’s why Bill Gates is buying up farmland so that he could stop and put genetically modified plants into people’s system there are contaminated same reason he decided to make lab meat anybody who eats meat that is produced in a laboratory will have problems. We need to stop them this is ridiculous it’s uncalled for and it’s because they have more money and they’re all murderers. They are killing people for their own gains. It’s not just in this country it’s in every country look what Bill Gates did to India and Africa young girls oh and don’t forget Zuckerberg is involved too he is one of Bill Gates protease look it up it’s not hard to find ask your Google or ask Alexa. Enough is enough more people need to know that their blood has been tainted by these jabs. Another thing to look up is who is to gain from these vaccines, who owns stock in these pharmaceutical companies you’ll be surprised to see who owns 10 million worth of stock in Pfizer-bioNtech as of 2017 none other than one of our presidents, unfortunately one of the best of our presidents. All you have to do is do your research, however just as the article above States people are in like their comfort of not going to work and just being lazy because they want and they’ll give up their rights well I’m not one of them. I will not bow to them I will not take the shot. When there is no biochemical transfer from person to person there’s no way for your body to know that it needs to have new building of immunities. Yes the whole thing starts with too much hand sanitizer not enough people talking with each other and laughing and having a good time shaking hands because that all helps your body’s immune system work better! Have a great day be well stay safe.

  5. It is called control. Control the people who are hypochondriacs(those who claim a sneeze is covid). I had a cold from getting caught in the Florida rain. Did I run screaming Covid!? Hell no, it was a cold, something you gt every year usually in Florida anyway. My friend had sniffles, she jumps in her vehicle to be tested. She did not have Covid, just a runny nose, probably onset of cold. The Fauci government has got every hypochondriac running scared. I say Fauci government because he controls that section of the government that he probably caused the release of the wee covid bug. You don’t have a job? you invent one that pays more than the senile President gets in pay. Donald Trump took NO PAY, he donated the check every month to a worthy(not Fauci), cause. Does Biden donate his pay? He is rich on Chinese income from the Biden businesses that I understand they have in China, so donate the pay to a worthy cause.

    It is called control

  6. It is time that the truth be exposed. All the scientific/forensic roads lead to covid-19 being a bioweapon, and it was released on purpose. Just look at the lies from the quack POS Fauci and his lunatic behavior. If you haven’t taken the ‘shot’, you would be well advised to NOT take it. Research it yourself, however, be mindful of the MSM, big Pharma, and the medical affiliations such as the CDC, and the WHO ….. they publish dubious stories , and conclusions that are slanted and not always correct.

    • Come on John, let’s get real here shall we? CDC and WHO do NOT publish dubious stories. Let’s call them for what they are. STR8 UP LIES!
      From the over inflation of covid deaths by 94% (shooting one’s self in the head while HAVING covid, does NOT mean you died FROM covid), to the hydroxychloroquine lies, to the ivermectin lies, now lying about approving Pfizer’s jab, hiding the number of deaths DIRECTLY caused BY the jab. There have now been MORE deaths FROM the jab, than from covid (14,701 to < 10,000). And we've only just begun. The list goes on.
      Question – if the jab gives you immunity, WHY are those already vaccinated so f'ing paranoid about those not? How can they POSSIBLY make you sick? YOU'RE IMMUNE YOU MORON! Do you NOT understand the definition?
      AND, if this were ALL about health, why is it that 2/3 of the Fed gov't is EXEMPT (legislative & judicial), CDC, FDA, Illegal aliens (WTH?), USPS, along with the NBA Players but not refs or fans….. How does THAT science work, exactly? Can ANYONE explain that to me? I'll wait…..

    • bubbajoe … I was being nice. Most people live in ignorance about health and medicine because wealthy companies and the people who run them want it that way. We are trusting our own, and our children’s lives to the medical industrial complex, to doctors and health officials who are some of the most untrustworthy people on the planet. (ex: Fauci)

      From Dr Sircus:

      “If you took the jabs you are the plague rat; you are more-likely
      to get (and thus transmit) the disease than an unvaccinated person.”

      Many if not most doctors are misguided and they don’t know it, which makes them dangerous. It is hard to stomach that top health officials have hundreds of thousand of doctors and nurses worldwide injecting people with something they cannot possibly give informed consent for, which means health care workers are violating basic medical ethics.

    • I salute all the people who made comments. You are all on top of the B.S. coming from our lying, inept government and the Big Pharma traitors and their spokesmen, along with the complicit MSM and medical community. Keep it up. Continue to shed light on the treason and murderous plans of this fake administration. Again, I salute you all.



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