Cover-Up: Iran Refuses To Hand Over Black Box Data Of Plane That Crashed Over Tehran

Speculation builds it was shot down by Iranian missile.

(Infowars) – Iran is refusing to hand over black box data from the Boeing 737 that crashed over Tehran, as speculation builds that the aircraft was shot down by an Iranian missile.

The Ukraine International Airlines jet went down early Wednesday, killing all 167 passengers and nine crew. The majority of passengers were from Iran and Canada. The crash occurred just hours after Iran attacked two U.S. air bases in Iraq.

According to the company, the Boeing 737-800 was was of their best planes in the fleet, was “in excellent condition” and had undergone scheduled maintenance just two days before the crash.

The pilots and flight crew were also described as highly experienced and competent, with UIA flight director Ihor Sosnovsky asserting, “Given their experience, it is very hard to say that something was wrong with them.”

Al Hadath Dubai News reported that the plane had been brought down by a missile, tweeting, “The speed data of the Ukrainian plane suddenly stopped which means it exploded,” and “Preliminary images of the Ukrainian plane suspected of being hit by an Iranian missile.”

Now Iran is refusing to hand over vital black box data from the aircraft, suggesting they are trying to control the investigation.

“Iran says it will not hand black box of crashed plane over to Boeing,” reports the Spectator Index.

“The possibility of a terrorist attack or a rocket attack can currently be ruled out,” said the Ukrainian Embassy in Tehran, reversing an earlier unverified claim that the plane went down as a result of “engine failure.”

Speculation that the plane was downed by an Iranian missile is rampant.

Images appear to show shrapnel damage on wings & fuselage of the aircraft.

“The airplane was heavily fragmented which means either there was an intense impact on the ground or something happened in the sky,” Aviation analyst Todd Curtis told the BBC.

Twitter users pointed out that the Iranian Malard missile launch is directly on the flight path of the plane.

“An engine failure/fire wouldn’t allow this plane to continue climbing at 2800’/minute at 318 mph,” asserted another user.

“Airliners don’t go down every day. So what are the odds that this airliner would erupt into flames in the sky 4 hours after Iran lobbed a dozen ballistic missiles at Iraq?” asked one commentator.

If it turns out that Iran accidentally shot down a passenger plane primarily full of its own citizens, that will not only represent a tragic catastrophe, but an utter embarrassment.


  1. Evil men CANNOT admit when they screw up! 56 Iranian people killed at Soleimani funeral and 82 on the Ukrainian jet! They did more damage to their OWN PEOPLE THAN TRUMP DID! Devils!

  2. Correction to my fear was 9/11/ fingers get so angry, I don’t type what I really mean. If I typed the truth, I’d be saluting the FBI.

  3. Of course Iran doesn’t want this information out.

    Iran likely only has old Russian radar that can barely distinguish commercial planes from military aircraft.

    Some inexperienced radar operator put out the “alarm” and the missiles were launched. This causes the Iranian military even MORE embarrassment, because it sends out a message on how bad their equipment is and how incompetent they are.

    It also sends out a “message” to Muslim terrorists that Iran is not nearly as powerful as they are trying to project.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in Cancifornia) this

  4. Iran needs to come forward and say ‘We made a mistake”. The refusal to let the Black Boxes be examined is fueling the idea the plane was shot down.

  5. It is time again to hurt Iran where it hurts, big time. This countrys leaders need to be hurt, big time, most of it’s citizens are not guilty it is the so called leaders of this country I don’t know and wish i new more about Iran and it’s leadership.

  6. Sounds like the TREASONISTIC TRAITOR Democrats are in IRAN as well. THEY ARE trying to HIDE something by withholding EVIDENCE, just like here in the U.S. with this IMPEACHMENT SHAM (illegal COUP). Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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