Counterterrorism Expert Delivers Dire Warning For Europe Concerning Open Borders

( Exclusive) – A former German police officer, who is also an expert in the field of counterterrorism, Stefan Schubert, recently came forward to share the story behind the 2016 Berlin Christmas market attack with the folks over at Infowars Europe.

Over a dozen people lost their lives that day, with an additional 56 being wounded, both physically and psychologically, due to the actions of a radical Islamic terrorist from Tunisia who had just entered Europe as an “asylum seeker.”

Schubert, standing at the scene where the massacre took place, went on to reveal how Anis Amri got into Europe through the Italian island of Lampedusa and managed to connect with multiple people who were involved with multiple terrorist networks in Germany, before planning the horrific attack.

The counterterrorism expert went on to say in the interview that the mainstream media was working around the clock to suppress any sort of dissent against the notion of open borders.

He also issued a warning for both Germany and Western Europe, stating they are “just at the beginning” of a much broader crisis that will be brought on by mass immigration from both the Middle East and Africa.

Here’s the truth, folks. If you are a country that has open borders, then you don’t actually have a country at all. Nations are defined, geographically by their borders. If these don’t exist, what’s the point of having countries at all?

We know for a fact that jihadists all across the globe hate the way of life in the West and want to see it completely and utterly destroyed. Radical Islamists want to see it all burned to the ground, replaced with the harsh realities and oppression of Sharia Law.

Religious zealots like these want to see each and every human being bow the knee to Allah, regardless of what they have to do to make that happen. They are not evangelists. They are invaders.

You’d think these terrorist attacks that have happened in Europe would make that point very clear, but the liberal socialist ideology of much of the continent blinds people to this reality.

And that same mindset could very well cause us to have the same issues they are having.

We need to have a border wall. It’s essential to have folks guarding the border and turning away illegals attempting to cross over. If we don’t take those measures, we open ourselves up for attacks that will cost American lives.

That’s unacceptable.

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