Cory Booker: ‘More Regulation Over Toy Guns Than Real Ones’

Toys Nerf Dart Gun

(Breitbart) – Democrat presidential hopeful Cory Booker is drawing heat over his claim that “there is more regulation over toy guns that real ones.”

The Washington Post calls the statement “misleading,” PolitiFact ruled it “mostly false,” and simply responded, “No.”

Booker actually made the statement in a May 6 post in Medium, but has since pinned it to the top of his Twitter account, making it one of the first things people see when visiting his Twitter page.

His central gun control plan contains 14 separate controls, gun licensing, TSA PreCheck-style interviews for would-be gun purchasers, universal background checks, and “assault weapons” bans among them. He is seeking momentum for these controls by juxtaposing real guns and toy ones and by making saying things like, “We are not going to give thoughts and prayers, which to me is just bullsh*t.”

Booker’s hyperbole about toy guns vs. real guns misses the point that the purchase and lawful use of a real gun are among some of most regulated exercises of a natural right in our nation today.

Flashback: Cory Booker Launches Campaign Tour Pledging To ‘Bring A Fight To The NRA’

Presidential hopeful Cory Booker (D-NJ) launched a two-week campaign tour pledging to “bring a fight to the NRA.”

Fox News quoted Booker saying, “We will bring a fight to the NRA like they have never, ever seen before — and we will win.”

Booker also listed specific gun controls he would push as president, saying, “We won’t wait for more thoughts and prayers for communities that have been shattered by gun violence from Pittsburgh to Parkland to Charleston. We will pass universal background checks, we will ban assault weapons and close loopholes that allow people who never should have a gun to get one.”

He did not mention that nearly every mass shooter in the last ten years acquired his guns via a background check. Therefore, universal background checks would not have stopped a single one of those shootings. Moreover, he did not point out that the Department of Justice’s National Institute of Justice issued a report showing the 1994-2004 “assault weapons” ban did not reduce crime.

Booker also overlooked the fact that the so-called “Charleston Loophole” was actually a clerical error that misled background check reviewers. It was not an error, or loophole, in background check system.

On March 31, Breitbart News reported Booker’s claim that the U.S. has “a mass shooting every day.” He hedged his statement by saying these shootings occur “in the aggregate.” In other words, there are four individual murders across the country that, if counted together on a given day, can be redefined as a mass shooting.


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