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Dr. Jerome Corsi, Ph.D.

Dr. Jerome R. Corsi received a Ph.D. from Harvard University in political science in 1972. He is a senior commentator for TeaParty.org where he works as an investigative journalist. In 2004, Corsi co-authored the No. 1 New York Times bestseller, “Unfit for Command,” with John O’Neill. Since then, he has devoted his time to writing on politics and economics, two fields in which he has considerable expertise and experience. In his career he has written numerous books, including six New York Times bestsellers.

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Illegal Alien Invasion at Brink of Tearing USA Apart

Is the Obama Administration Programming Illegal Aliens to Abandon God?

Obama’s “Citizen Replacement” Plan to Flood U.S.A. with Illegal Aliens Picks Up Pace

Obama Engaging in Reckless Disregard for Law in Fiat-Declared Amnesty

Tell Washington You Stand with Ted Cruz in Saying “NO” to the Obama Amnesty

Illegal Aliens Take to the Highway in California

Left Fosters Culture of Death in Open Border Lawlessness

Will the Democrats Run an Illegal Alien for President in 2020?

Obama Adds “Amnesty Bonus” IRS Refund Checks to List of Special Privileges Grated to Illegals

Obama Hijacks “March on Selma” 50th Anniversary to Push Amnesty for Illegals

Shut Down DHS!

Obama “Shadow Government” Opens Border and Grants Amnesty to Illegals

Lynch Confirmation Hearing Shows GOP Leadership Intends to Surrender on Amnesty

Boehner’s Establishment GOP has Double-Crossed the Tea Party on Amnesty

Get Ready to Fight Back on Amnesty!

Exposing Obama’s Plan to Use Illegal Aliens to Tear Down America

Tea Party Remains Vigilant as Republican-Controlled Congress About to Be Sworn in

Defiant Obama Spending Millions to Implement “Obamnesty”

Is Obama Trying to Cause a Race War in the USA?

How Obama, the Great Deceiver, “Grubered” Amnesty

Here Come 5 Million New “Obamnesty” Votes for Democrats

Here Comes the “Obamnesty” Train Wreck

Here Comes First-Class Citizenship Under Obama-Declared “DREAMER Amnesty”

Corsi Sends out Warning: A Lame-Duck Obama Still Has “Pen and Phone”

It’s Time to Retire Harry Reid

Here Comes the “Ebola Amnesty”

Ebola is Shaping up to be Obama’s Downfall

Obama Setting USA Up for Invasion as ISIS Joins Amnesty at the Border

Obama About to Launch Executive Amnesty

It’s Time to Stand Up and Defend the U.S. Military

Is Obama Planning Another 911 Attack on America?

How Much Worse Could President Biden Be?

Are U.S. Citizens an Endangered Species Under Obama “Open Border” Policies?

How Badly Does Barack Obama Hate the American Public? 

Obama Must be Stopped From Writing His Own Open Border Laws

Obama Border Chaos a Crisis by Design

Obama Placing Future Jihadi Terrorists at Strategic Locations Throughout the USA

Watch Out! Here Comes the United Nations!

Say “NO” to Amnesty

Primary Victories Prove the Tea Party in America is Alive and Well

The Case for Impeaching Barack Obama

Obama Exploits “DREAM KIDS” for Open Border Political Gain

Obama’s Impeachment Movement Surges Forward After Terrorist Swap

Obama’s Blatant Neglect of Military Demands Congressional Investigation

Tea Party Demands Impeachment if Immigration Laws Are Not Enforced

Benghazi-gate can get rid of Obama and Hillary at the same time

Tea Party Loyalists Can Impeach Obama and Block Hillary in 2016 

Tea Party Patriots must confront Obama’s tyranny

Obama loses Bundy ranch to Tea Party loyalists

As Obama begins the Second Civil War, remember: “For the Democrats, it’s about money, folks!”

The Second Civil War Has Now Begun in Nevada

Arm the Military! Gun Registration at Ft. Hood Costs Lives

Supreme Court Invades Families to Grab Guns

“If it looks like a gun, it’s a gun,” the Anti-Gun Lobby Insists on Going after Civilians

Obama Gun Grab Shifts into High Gear

The Tea Party Was Alive and Well This Week at CPAC

Let’s Resolve to Continue Our Tea Party Success

Tell Obama to Stay Out of the Newsroom

It’s Time to Elect Stockman to the U.S. Senate in Texas and Retire Cornyn

Time for the GOP Leadership in DC to Take a Hike

Get Out of the Stock Market Now!

Gun Confiscation is Around the Corner

Obama Limits Second Amendment Gun Rights by Stroke of Pen

Will Congress rein in the Imperial Presidency?

Time to Duck Dynasty Barack Obama out of the White House

Kiss your IRA good-bye

Obamacare Nightmare Has Only Just Begun

Will You Be the Next Obamacare Victim?

ObamaCare Turning U.S. Hospitals Into “Killing Fields”

Corsi To File Criminal Charges Against White House Over Obama Birth Certificate



Warning! Take Your Retirement Money Out of Stock Investments

Obama goal? ‘Disarming of all Americans’

King Obama Finally Risking Impeachment

Obamacare turning deadly! What will be the death count?

Time to Put the Brakes on Obama

Tea Party Loyalists Have Just Begun to Fight

Showdown! Tea Party Urges Lawmakers to ‘Stand Firm’ on Obamacare

Obamacare is Obamacide, “Get Sick, Fill out Paperwork, and Die!”

Tea Party brings fight on Obamacare to Congress

Defund ObamaCare Once And For All

Drivers Licenses for Illegals! Amnesty Next?

Secret Is Out: John Kerry Is Unfit For Command

Limbaugh Suspects Obama Conspired With Al-Qaeda to Frame Bashar al-Assad

Senator Obama would impeach President Obama

Tea Party needed to win fight to defund ObamaCare

Obama’s brother linked to Muslim Brotherhood

American dream dying under Obama?

Communists in Congress? Just count ‘em

Obama Storm Troops Planning Home Visits

Muslim Brotherhood Claim: We’ve Got ‘Goods on Obama’

Calling All Tea Partiers! Say “NO to Amnesty!”

Defund ObamaCare Now! – It May Be the Last Best Chance to Do So!

IRS Employees Want Out Of ObamaCare

Obama Race-Baits the Trayvon Martin Case

Investigation one step closer to White House

U.S. Slips into Government Dependency Under Obama

While Obamacare is a “Train Wreck,” the Real “Train Wreck” is Obama Himself

What Will July 4, 2014 Look Like If Amnesty Passes Congress?

Bombshell: ‘Proof’ IRS committed felony

Tea Partier to IRS: Show me YOUR papers!

Obama half-brother uses IRS status to fund polygamy?

Revealed: Obama’s Soviet Style Plan to Destroy America

Stop America’s Hitler‏

Obama lets Chinese own U.S. energy resources

Here’s the real unemployment rate

Obama’s War On Guns Must Be Stopped

Obama’s anti-gun bias traces back decades

Did CIA pick sanitize Obama’s passport records?

Democrat plan lets Obama run for 3rd term

Brace Yourself: 2013 Obama Tax Tsunami to Hit America

It’s back: Texas in ‘Super Highway’ deal with Spain

Norquist: Obama’s return just ‘political theater’

Bye, Bye, Boehner – Here Comes the Rebirth of the Tea Party

The author who exposed Kerry speaks out

Sandy Hook Shooting Should Cause Us to Embrace our Guns and our God

Obama’s top minion for president in 2016?‏

Documents: Al-Qaida wielding power in Libya

Coming: ‘$3 trillion tax increase on middle class’

Now Obama wants your 401(k)

Romney camp smells victory in early returns

’10 more days!’ Florida crowds enthusiastic for Romney

‘Magic missing’ from Obama campaign

Romney presses Obama in major address on economy

Romney team eyes victory in crucial Ohio

Yet another secret about Obama’s life

Candidates square off in last-chance debate

Confident Romney camp builds on momentum

Candidates go for the jugular

Named: Al-Qaida men who killed ambassador

Obama ‘Allah ring’ stirs debate

Obama family busted in Shariah scheme

Obama’s ring: ‘There is no god but Allah’

Another fraud charge against global banking giant

Obama didn’t join Wright’s church to follow Jesus

Swing-state stunner: ‘Dreams’ mailed to 2.7 million

Sen. Coburn Ducks On Birth Certificate Promise

Americans’ Distrust Of Obama Birth Story Rises

Jesse Jackson, Wright ‘Arranged’ Obama Marriage

Not Just A Debate – A Lie-Detector Test!

Trinity Church members reveal Obama shocker!

Netanyahu warns of Iran’s ‘apocalyptic leaders’

Time for human trafficking but not for Iran crisis?

1979 article ties ‘Obama’s real father’ to Saudi financier?

Tea Party: GOP can win Obama’s home turf

Obama apologizes to U.N. for ‘disgusting’ anti-Islam film

Eligibility challenge arises in Electoral College

‘Unskewed’ polls show nearly 8-point Romney lead

Obama’s new flag looks like bloody Benghazi wall

Romney attacks Obama ‘war on coal’

More confusion about Obama’s real father

Birds of a feather? Obama, Muslim Brotherhood

Could same-sex marriage cost Obama black vote?

Secret retirement plans: Does Obama expect to lose?

Media bypass: ‘Dreams’ mailed to 1 million

Arpaio investigator: Hawaii still covering up for Obama

MSNBC trashes ‘Dreams’ documentary on Obama

Obama changes his story: ‘Born to a single mom’

Papers run porn king’s ad, reject anti-Obama filmmaker

Video: Obama called Kenya his ‘home’

Claim: Obama hid ‘gay life’ to become president

Israelis: Obama birth certificate forged

New York Post ad exposes Obama’s ‘real father’

Top Dem: Christians want Jews ‘slaughtered’

NFL star urges blacks not to vote for Obama

Obama suffers amnesia blaming Bush for economy

Feds Flinch, Drop Arpaio Probe

Michael Moore: ‘Get used to saying President Romney’

Grandma Sarah’s Poster Celebrates ‘Kenyan Wonder-Boy’

Whistleblower: HSBC Trying To Skirt Prosecution

VIDEO – Tea Party – Exposing

New sheriff calls for roundup of Obama records

Sheriff Joe to Obama: I’ll keep doing my job

Surprise! Obama can’t remember his birthday



Executive Dis-Order Coming Soon!

Obama’s Refinance Program Flops!

Is CPAC Still a Conservative Meeting?

Did Obama Appoint a Muslim to Head the CIA?

Tea Party Members, CPAC 2013 Has Never Been More Important

New Law Asks Are You “Psychologically Competent” to Own a Weapon?

Obama skirting Congress in globalist plan?

Obama advances globalist ’2-ocean’ plan

Emperor Obama Redefines America

Resistance to New Gun Laws Builds in USA

The Left Circling the Wagon over Obama’s Skeet Shooting

Is Obama Demanding Military Must Be Willing to Fire on US Citizens?

China poised to play debt card – for U.S. land

Obama Playing America For a Fool on Second Amendment

Tea Party LIVE from the RNC “Countdown to the end of the Obama Presidency”

Obama’s Social Security Number Goes to Court


‘Serious manipulation’ of gold, silver markets

Dr. Jerome Corsi calls for Tea Party Activism: Oppose John Boehner as Speaker of the House

Dr. Jerome Corsi on Ron Pauls farewell address

Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD. touring with Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney