Coronavirus: Adam Schiff Defends Pelosi’s Changes To Voting Law In Emergency Relief Bill

(Breitbart) – Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) defended the alternative bill proposed Monday by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), as Senate Democrats blocked an emergency relief bill to save the economy from the coronavirus.

The Senate had been working on bipartisan negotiations through Sunday evening, when Pelosi jetted in from San Francisco and insisted that Democrats walk away from the legislation in favor of her bill, which she released later.

As Breitbart News reported, the Pelosi bill includes pork for special interests on the left — and radical changes to voting across the country, including nationwide same-day registration, mail-in voting, and “ballot harvesting.”

Chris Hayes of MSNBC felt compelled to ask Schiff about it on his program Monday night:

I wanted to raise a critique that has been offered by a lot of folks in the Republican Party, and conservatives observing this today, which is that they say the Democrats are essentially trying to smuggle in a whole bunch of sort of preexisting ideological points — extension of the solar tax credit, changing to the funding mechanism of the post office, which is, the funding mechanism is messed up in lots of ways — but they say you guys sort of see this opportunity to get a bunch of stuff you wanted anyway, in under the cover of emergency legislation. What’s your response to that?

Schiff answered:

Well, look, I think what they’re really focused on is we want to make sure that we protect [not] only the health of the economy but the health of our democracy, and for that reason, we want to make sure that we provide that people can vote by mail, and have early voting. We saw the fiasco in Ohio, we don’t want that repeated. And I think hat Donald Trump would like, what [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch Mcconnell would like, is a situation where they can create a corporate slush fund that they can do with as they choose, and the voters won’t be able to hold him accountable, they won’t be able to get to the ballot places without risking their lives. And so, we view the economic health and the health of our democracy as very much interrelated. They view the health of their slush fund, and suppressing the vote, as interrelated, and I think that’s part of the conflict.

Schiff was one of only several Democrats attempting to defend Pelosi’s bill against nationwide criticism.


  1. Pelosi, Schitt, Schumer, Nadler and the Squad are the most reprehensible scum in Congress. People are hurting and frightened of this virus and all they care about is power. They should be tar and feathered and run out of town on a rail. The sooner the better and that includes Communist Socialist Sanders as well. I am not a hateful person but for them and their ilk I will make an exception.

  2. Michael Bravo, what do you think she is arranging on that computer? 😉 She is hiding it by claiming that it is spreadsheet work she does when it is spread sheets work. 🙂

  3. People playing politics during a crisis are not worthy of holding office. This will come back to haunt the Democrats, and it should.

  4. He had his 2 seconds in history and wasn’t to stay relevant. He thinks we actually care what he has to say. Like we’re going to believe anything he says. Democrats want mail in voting so bad so it’ll be even easier for them to vote. That’s why Hillary is begging for it. Postpone it. Do not do mail in. We don’t want illegal and dead people voting.

    • Schiff doesn’t swing that way, oh wait Pelosi is only identifying as a woman? Okay, so then Schiff likely does have his peter blower planted in Mr. Pelosi’s bunghole.

  5. The Democrats already know that the ONLY way to win the elections in November 2020 is through votes from people who do not exist or people who are not citizens. They know this is their only chance. They are so insanely criminal that they would go to any length to do it. The truly sad part is that ALL registered Democrats know and accept this approach. Extremely sad.

    • Well, he might be telling the truth about 2+2, ya know, he said it so many times that now I can’t recall if I learned in 1974, 2019 or if its just more of his lies & 2+2 actually equals a screwed up caucus ballot.

  6. They want all these mail in votes and ballot harvesting so no one can know who is not legally aloud to vote and so people can mail in multiple ballots. They can then get their buddies in china and russia and mexico to send in votes along with millions of dead peoples votes. They can only when an election by cheating plain and simple.

  7. Schiff is the typical Democrat Cali-moron just like Pelosi and Newsom. It’s a toss-up though as to which one is least intelligent. My vote between Schiff and Newsom gives Newsom the nod.

  8. When the Dems were kids, did they always try to grab the brass ring no matter how far on the inside of the merry-go-round they were sitting? And not having not having a care who or how many riders they injured trying to reach it.


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