Conservative Journalist Lauren Southern Barred From Entering UK For Criticizing Islam

March 12, 2018 11:39 am  

( – The UK is so completely obsessed with political correctness, they will destroy their own country sooner or later.

No matter that there are zones so inundated with Muslim immigrants and crime that the police won’t even go there, or that acid attacks are at al all-time high, or that migrants are contributing to spiking numbers of rapes and honor crimes.

What’s really important is not offending Muslims.

It’s pathetic, really–the once great British empire is terrified of offending people because they tend to riot and burn things down if you dare insult their holy prophet. Instead of keeping their borders secure and their nation safe, the Brits apparently figure that limiting free speech and rolling out the red carpet for Islamists is the way to go.

The latest example is that of journalist and YouTuber Lauren Southern, no stranger to the fascism of European multiculturalism, who was prohibited from entering the UK by border agents due to her criticism of Islam the last time she was in the country.

InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson reports:

Southern was detained by border police in Calais while attempting to enter the UK on a bus. Authorities singled her out, confiscated her passport, detained and interrogated her.

The official reason for banning Southern from entering the country was that she was “involved in the distribution of racist material in Luton” and that such activities posed “a threat to the fundamental interests of society and to the public policy of the United Kingdom.”

The “racist material” in question comprised of leaflets which stated “Allah is a gay God”.

As Watson notes, the UK is operating under a sort of “reverse Muslim ban”, blocking entry to anyone who dares criticize Islam while allowing hundreds of ISIS fighters to return from Syria and Iraq, even providing them with housing and welfare (go figure.)

Southern is hardly the first conservative or critic of Islam to experience this kind of ridiculous treatment. In 2013, Robert Spencer and Pamela Gellar, outspoken critics of Islam, were banned from entering the UK for the exact same reason–they speak the truth about the barbarism of Islam.

Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner were detained just this past weekend after trying to enter the UK to speak on the threats to free speech, but since Pettibone planned to interview Tommy Robertson, a native critic of Islam, she was subject to the scrutiny of the UK thought police.

The treatment of Sellner, Pettibone and Southern sets a horrifying precedent for free speech and represents an embarrassment to the United Kingdom,” notes Watson, an Englishman himself. “Urgent questions need to be asked in Parliament to ascertain why people are being banned from the country for holding conservative political beliefs.”

The UK’s obsession with political correctness is not exclusive to Islam, either. Over the last few years, major universities have expelled Christians for posting their opposition to same-sex marriage on their personal Facebook pages, and blocked research on transgender regret because it was too “controversial.” In state-sponsored nursery schools, drag queens are brought in for story time while leading British “gender clinics” are administering hormones to children as young as 8.

The tyranny of the British did not end with the American Revolution. Brits now find themselves under the rule of a new kind of tyranny-thought tyranny. And it’s time they follow America’s lead–it’s time for a new revolution!

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