Conservative Artist Builds Epic Trump Display In Yard, Opponents Should Think Twice Before Vandalizing

August 12, 2018 10:50 am  

(Conservative Tribune) – If you stroll down one particular street in Staten Island, New York, and see the larger than life display of President Donald Trump, you might feel like it’s popular to be patriotic in America again.

Local resident and artist Scott LoBaido installed his latest work in his friend and fellow Trump supporter’s front yard.

Lobaido specializes in patriot art and has created other pro-Trump pieces in the past.

So, why does he do it?

“All you see is big Trump sculptures, negative ugly stuff the big baby balloon in London,” he told New York’s WPIX.

“I’m an artist so this is my turn to show my side. I’m representing people who want something like this,” he added.

LoBaido refuses to hide his support for Trump, and creates thought-provoking art that elicits an emotional response, positive or negative.

In 2016, he created a giant “T” emblazoned in red, white and blue. Soon after he displayed the piece, someone set it on fire.

But opponents of LoBaido’s exhibit should think twice before trying to vandalize his latest work. Fences and security cameras have been installed around the display to protect it from potential vandals.

“Come by, take pictures, yell at me, scream all you want, use that First Amendment, but don’t destroy my creativity and don’t destroy this man’s property,” LoBaido said.

While LoBaido is obviously on the right side of the political spectrum, he doesn’t demonize people he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with politically.

“People that don’t like Trump are still patriots. My girlfriend hates Trump. My mom doesn’t like Trump, my best friend, but we get along,” he explained.

But, as Staten Island performed well for Trump in the 2016 election, it’s not surprising that most in LaBaido’s neighborhood love his take on the president.

Response on his Twitter feed has been positive as well.

He has also garnered lots of media attention for his previous work.

The “Official Web Site of Scott LoBaido – Creative Patriot” features past media appearances with Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilly, “Fox & Friends,” and ABC’s “World News Tonight.”

His refreshing artistic take on patriotism is warmly received in this liberal region of the country. Let’s hope enthusiasm for his art continues to catch on beyond Staten Island.

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