Confirmed: Governor Pritzker Caught Sending Illinois Construction Workers To Wisconsin To Work On His Mansion During Illinois Lockdown

Lock-downs are for the peons.

(Gateway Pundit) – Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has his workers and businesses locked down for the foreseeable future.

But the billionaire governor will not let the government imposed lock-down interfere with his own plans.

Last week Pritzker also told CNN the citizens of Illinois may be forced to wear masks indefinitely.

Earlier this week Governor Pritzker threatened business owners with a year in prison if they try to reopen.

But the lock-down laws only apply to the rubes.

They don’t apply to Governor Pritzker, a Democrat billionaire.

In May, while he imposed lock-downs on the people of Illinois, he had his wife and kids flown to Florida.

On Friday news broke that Governor Pritzker is sending Illinois construction workers to Wisconsin to work on one of his many mansions.

Governor Pritzker says “there is no double standard.”


  1. Absolutely true that Pritzker is a Communist Democrap AZZ***E!!! You people in Illinois voted him in; you can vote him out! Had enough of the Communist Democrap Party?!! You can do some thing about it at the poles!!!

  2. From the name Pricktzker he is probably from the chosen tribe. In which case it is no wonder he is a billionaire since his fellow tribe members are shareholders in the Federal Reserve Bank, which is a cartel of private bankers for whom congress passed an unconstitutional law authorizing them to make money out of thin air. They then lend this money which they have created out of thin air back to congress AT INTEREST!! The debt of funny money borrowed and the interest on that funny money borrowed, is the US government’s deficit, which you and I must slave to pay taxes to retire.

    The entity created to collect taxes from Americans was created and co-born with the Federal Reserve Bank from the same piece of legislation, namely the Federal Reserve Act. It too is a private corporation with the same shareholders as the Federal Reserve Bank. The role of the IRS is the same as that of a Mafia thug or enforcer who breaks a shopkeeper’s fingers or kneecaps to ‘expedite’ payment.

    Funny how freedom dies, the IRS has fake “court” hearings, called “administrative” hearings, in which American citizens are found “guilty” by IRS employees acting as judge , jury, and executioner. Congress has passed unconstitutional legislation prohibiting American citizens access to American courts when it comes to contesting a debt which the IRS SAYS that citizen owes. So there goes your right to a FAIR trial before a jury of your PEERS. Again, funny how freedom dies, and America has not been a constitutional republic for over 100 years ever since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

    Of course, the chosen tribe members have set it up, and limited the portion of the money supply that makes it to the nation’s workers and producers, so that the taxes that can be taken out of this chunk of money without killing the workers is not enough to pay off the debt, so the debt can NEVER be retired.

    That way the tribal shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank will always be on the receiving end of a perpetual stream of income from a nation of slaves. Currently they are working on taking this slave scheme global so that they can be at the receiving end of a perpetual stream of income from a WORLD of slaves. This is what you call GLOBALISM.

    What the chosen tribe members who are Federal Reserve Bank shareholders also do is they make sure that their fellow tribe members get first dibs at collecting and pocketing the funny money they create out of thin air, so you will find a LOT of tribal billionaires and millionaires. Hence Pricktzker.

    They are also almost exclusively democrat as the racist democrat party’s ideology of racial superiority and inferiority is an almost perfect match to their own internal tales of their superiority above all other peoples as the chosen tribe.

    The only difference is that for the democrat rednecks they are the superior ones, and for the chosen tribe they are the superior ones, but they can settle that difference later —- after they destroy the freedom of American and reduce them to the status of serfs and beggars in the land which their ancestors developed from wilderness.

  3. Shamefully the last two Illinois governors were in jail. I really thought that we were going to change the tide here in Illinois when Governor Rauner was elected, he did well but the speaker of the house Mr. Maldigan did the slight of hand and deceit in this state’s government. God help us with these deceitful shameless politicians who (I don’t get it) always manage to skirt any real and truthful criticism, and continue with business as usual.

  4. When it comes to people like KING NO NECK PRITZKER THE FIRST and QUEEN
    LESBIAN LIGHTFOOT THE FIRST, you will soon realize do as I say not as I do. Is the
    new norm for all dictators. It won’t be long before we see JACK BOOTED
    Coming into your business, house of worship, and private homes. BEWARE CITIZENS OF ILLINOIS, It’s already happened in churches.

  5. The article says he “has his workers and businesses locked down.” They are NOT his workers and businesses although he says they are. They are Illinois workers and businesses.

    • He’s only remaining there because we the people are allowing it! I don’t care how many billions of dollars he has he is not above the law he is a civil servant and he has answerable to read the people unless we the people let them get by with what he is getting by with right now that fat pig didn’t get as far as he did I’ll bang things that’s for sure!

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    • When it comes to today’s democrats you know beyond a doubt they’re above the the law and law abiders need to lose their “ God “ given rights to them . FatBoy Pritzker isn’t the first corrupt Illinois governor in history nor will be the last.


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