Compare Trump’s G-7 Pic To Obama’s And It’s Suddenly Clear Why Trump Won

June 12, 2018 7:22 pm  

(Conservative Tribune) – Prior to jetting off to Singapore in advance of the high-stakes summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump attended a summit with the leaders of the G-7, a collection of the top economic and industrial powers around the globe.

While at that G-7 meeting in Quebec, Canada, Trump essentially called out America’s top European allies — namely Germany, France and the United Kingdom, as well as Canada — for their unfair trade policies toward the U.S., which created a bit of tension that the anti-Trump media was only too happy to play up.

Trump initially called for complete free trade between all of the G-7 nations with no barriers or tariffs whatsoever, but when the other nations balked at that incredible free-market proposal, Trump made it clear he would proceed to use tariffs as an economic tool to garner more equitable trade arrangements and deals on behalf of America and American workers.

Some rather compelling photos of the tense negotiations were captured — one in particular was seized on by both sides as evidence of their specific view of Trump, both good and bad — and some liberals reminisced about former President Barack Obama’s jovial attendance at prior G-7 meetings.

The bottom photo is the one that has everybody all worked up, with the left viewing as symbolic of Trump being an obstinate child that is refusing to listen to his more mature globalist betters.

Meanwhile, Trump’s supporters view that photo as him standing — or more accurately sitting — strong in the face of concerted opposition from much of the rest of the world to his decidedly pro-America agenda of making this nation great again through better trade deals and a stronger economy.

And that right there is the crux of the matter — the American people elected Trump explicitly because they wanted somebody who would stand tough on the world stage and fight on their behalf instead of allowing America to decline further under the auspices of “globalization” and lopsided trade deals that are stacked against the United States.

Fox News commentator Lisa Boothe touched on that viewpoint Saturday while discussing the viral photo, and summed up what a lot of Trump’s supporters were thinking.

“I think when people see that photo of other world leaders and President Trump staring each other down, they see leadership, they see a position of strength, which is what we hadn’t or didn’t see under President Obama,” Boothe said.

“I really think President Trump’s election was a response to that weakness from President Obama. They wanted America to be strong again, they wanted America to assert itself again, and President Trump is certainly doing that.

“Whether you like it or not, he’s doing it,” Boothe added.

Indeed he is, and it has his detractors and America’s haters in absolute fits.

Meanwhile, as Trump’s critics dissect his body language or lament that he will match tariffs from Canada and the European Union with tariffs of his own to effect a more equitable trade balance, the president is already off to another high-level meeting to attempt to find a peaceful solution to the decades-long problem of a nuclear North Korea.

That is something Obama never even considered doing while he was palling around with his European buddies who were exploiting the American economy and worker to their own advantage, apparently with his blessing.

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