Col. Shaffer Warns of Bloody Civil War, Societal Collapse

June 20, 2017 10:42 pm  

“If the government doesn’t stop violence from the left, the right will inevitably retaliate”

(Infowars) – Retired Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer went on Fox & Friends to give the MSM a dose of the truth by exposing the violent left and explaining how they will eventually cause a physical conflict with right-wing Americans.

Following the shooting of Congressman Scalise, some media outlets finally started paying attention to the increasing violence from the political left.

Vice ran the headline “Extremism Experts Are Starting To Worry About The Left” and even NPR asked if left-wing violence is rising.

Col. Shaffer pointed out how the MSM has ignored violent rhetoric such as ANTIFA’s attacks on Trump supporters, Kathy Griffin’s mock beheading of Trump and NYC’s modern-day Julius Ceasar play that shows Trump being murdered.

Shaffer warned, “If the governments who are responsible for our common welfare and defense are shown to be ineffective, people on the opposite side are going to rise up.”

“If the government doesn’t stop violence from the left, you’ll see more violence on the right in retaliation. It’s inevitable,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the alternative media has been exposing the increasingly violent rhetoric coming from the left since Trump first decided to run for office.

Infowars has warned about the rising tensions and exposed how the global elite are orchestrating the entire operation in order to destabilize America.

Alternative media has also been calling out the masterminds responsible for the radicalization of the left, such as George Soros and globalist operatives in Washington.

Political activist Mark Dice put together a compilation video exposing the overwhelming amount of anti-Trump hatred being promoted by the media and others.

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