Col. Allen West Pledges To Fight Against Vax Mandates After Battling Covid. Here’s Why.

( Exclusive) – The COVID agenda has always been about the vaccines. That’s why corrupt politicians are still pushing vaccines on every single American despite the fact that COVID is actually worse now than it was before the vaccines.

Not only are COVID cases still soaring but now people are risking their lives by getting vaccinated and, yes, people have died and are continuing to die after being fully inoculated, not to mention the tens of thousands of Americans who have been injured.

Fortunately, not all politicians are corrupt. Lt. Col. Allen West, former Texas GOP chairman who is running to become Texas’ next governor, has vowed to continue opposing and fighting against vaccine mandates.

West reiterated his commitment to personal freedoms and liberties on Sunday as he detailed his own personal experience with COVID-19.

On Saturday, West informed Facebook followers that both he and his wife had contracted COVID. His wife had received both the COVID vaccine and the flu shot and West noted that he had not taken the COVID jab.

“He is already taking Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin protocols,” the post explained.

On Sunday, Col. West posted that he and his wife, Angela, “underwent monoclonal antibody infusion therapy at Advance ER in Dallas.” He asserted that after the antibody treatment the “results were immediate.”

Col. West claimed his oxygen saturation levels went from 85 to around 95 following his monoclonal antibody therapy treatment.

According to West, he became “even more dedicated to fighting against vaccine mandates,” after the experience.

“Instead of enriching the pockets of Big Pharma and corrupt bureaucrats and politicians, we should be advocating the monoclonal antibody infusion therapy,” he went on to say. “Instead of jabbing Americans, and not illegal immigrants, with a dangerous shot which injects them with these spike proteins . . . guess what?” he asked. “I now have natural immunity and double the antibodies, and that’s science.”

Col. West promised that if elected he would “vehemently crush anyone forcing vaccine mandates,” adding, “There are far better protocols that individual citizens can utilize and decide for themselves.”

West concluded his post on Sunday by saying, “Our bodies are our last sanctuary of liberty and freedom, I will defend that for everyone, even the progressive socialist jackasses who must be saved from themselves.”

On Monday morning, he gave an update and said he is recovering quickly and asked, “Why not promote protocols such as Regeneron monoclonal antibody infusion therapy? Why not promote Budesonide nebulizer treatments? Why not promote healthy over the counter therapies such as zinc — which I take — D3, vitamin C, Hydroxychloroquine, and yes, Ivermectin?”

“I am thankful that the medical professionals here at Medical City listened to me . . . not some boilerplate CDC, Dr. Fauci, or Texas Medical Board mandates,” he added.

It’s clear that there are a myriad of options to fight COVID-19 and that the vaccines are neither safe nor effective. West went on to say that he isn’t a “conspiracy theorist” but acknowledged that “something very nefarious is at work here” further claiming that “the innocent blood of Texans are on some dirty, corrupt hands.”

“I promise y’all, as Governor of Texas, I will find those hands and ensure they’re held accountable.”

This country is in desperate need of more men like Col. West if we have any hope of fighting the totalitarian Biden regime.

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  1. The vax mandate is not the only mandate that this democratic party of ill repute is putting forth. The debt ceiling which is a crock of malarky because every time they run our credit card over the limit they just jack up the limit.

    The jack up this time is approximately equal to the money these distasteful character swamp rats which love be painted in false piety have given to illegals in the multiple financially draining ways they can create.

    These dems are the lowest characters they could find and via fraudulent voting get into positions of power. They are hoodlums stealing from American citizens as they pose as good Samaritans.

    • Many people want you to believe there is a legal precedent for Biden’s nationwide vax mandate order. In truth, there is no legal precedent for a federal order like this. Like Biden, it is illegal.

  2. I understand his commitment on helping Texan, but Gov. Abbott is doing a great job and running against isn’t a good choice right now due to Abbott is embedded in Texas and Texan are committed to him. Coordinate with him to find when would be the best time for if you run for Gov., get his endorsement and you’ll likely win.

  3. I’m pro vaccine. I’m OK with it for those who are not. I don’t believe in mandates for civilians. Having said that, you all must be aware of the fact that Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are less effective than placebo. There is virtually no serious disease amongst the vaccinated and these vaccines are the most studied and safest vaccines in history. Don’t believe the anti -vax propaganda.

    • John Moffet … You are completely mistaken, and sadly misinformed. Tell your opinion to the over 240 million people of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is your right to take the injection or not, no problem there. One more item, it is not a “vaccine”, it is an experimental drug mixture of unknown ingredients authorized for ’emergency’ use only. You need to do some serious research.

    • John- you are completely misguided. Go to and watch Renz’s video where he lays out all of the evidence of deaths and horrible adverse reactions to the jab. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who at least up to this point have had no adverse reactions, but claiming these shots are not seriously harmful to many is a way to make yourself feel better for having taken this clot shot. Remember this is not your typical vaccine- it is gene modification, a totally new therapy that it’s inventor (Malone) said should never be used in humans.

  4. Isn’t this interesting. the mandate for an experimintal non-vacccine that does not protect from the illness and transforms the person given the shot into a spreader of the virus along with being a crap shoot game to see if your blood clots will kill or a heart ailment will. AND MEMBERS OF CONGRESS WHO ARE MANDATING THIS OR WE CANNOT WORK ARE TAKING WHAT WE HAVE BEEN DENIED, ivermectin and hydroxycholoquine. To the point that even a court order to provide the medicine was refused by the hospital and the patient died. Heads need to roll!


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