Code Pink Buffoon Forgets What She’s Saying On TV Segment…Then Michelle Malkin Steps In

December 5, 2018 10:55 am  

( – Code Pink is not normally known for its reasoned, balanced presentation of the facts but rather, for showing up and making a big loud fuss at public events.

We’re not really sure what they do beyond that.

Wait–they do take the time to defend antisemites like Linda Sarsour.

Code Pink’s national co-director Ariel Gold, who is Jewish, joined Laura Ingraham Thursday to discuss Sarsour and defend her ties to Louis Farrakhan and Marc Lamont Hill, the latter of whom was recently fired by CNN for using a Hamas slogan to call for the destruction of Israel on the floor of the UN.

Gold probably should have done more to prepare for the segment, however.

While she tried to cite a tired leftist talking point that Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa (he is a white nationalist (he’s not), she hilariously got Rep. King mixed up with Shaun King who was once an activist with Black Lives Matter.

A more hilarious gaffe she could not have made. Does this girl hang out with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? I feel like they’d get along really well.

At this point, Gold actually got so off track she found herself speechless, staring at her phone to try to figure out what she was supposed to say next.

That was when Michelle Malkin stepped in graciously to “rescue” her.

“Yeah, let me rescue her,” Malkin offered, revving up for an epic smack-down.

“There is a type of sharia, an American sharia, a Silicon Valley sharia that seeks to silence those voices,” Malkin began.

“And I think that Ariel Gold in particular has a lot of gall talking about repairing relationships with people, when Ariel Gold and Code Pink have been so much responsible for the kind of toxic anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel that we are seeing.”

“In fact, Ariel Gold has uttered the same phrase that Marc Lamont Hill got fired for: ‘From the river to the sea,’ which is not just a dog whistle, it is a blatant call, it is the most famous call for the extermination of Israel,” she continued.

Twitter users picked up where Malkin left off, slamming Gold further for her idiotic gaffes.

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