CNN’s Navarro: Trump ‘Inspired A White Supremacist To Go Hunt Down Latinos’

(Breitbart) – Friday on CNN’s “The Lead,” network commentator Ana Navarro said President Donald Trump “inspired” the August 3 mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, TX that killed 22 people.

Navarro said, “The biggest enemy is Donald Trump. He’s an enemy to sanity, he’s an enemy to stability. He’s an enemy to the American presidency. He’s an enemy of decency and of morality, and frankly, he’s an enemy of conservative and Republican principles, because if you are a Republican, you are a free trader. You are not for trade wars. You’re not for tariffs. You’re not for running a $1 trillion deficit. You’re not for antagonizing allies and coddling foes.”

She continued, “When you see a president who is using the bully pulpit of the presidency to attack other Americans, to break international relations, to cause an instability and chaos, and I think what he’s trying to do is distract us from the fact that he inspired a white supremacist to go hunt down Latinos, and that he capitulated to the NRA and that his economy is going so badly.”

She added, “He is trying to distract this, but his words have consequences, his tweets have consequences. He is being irresponsible, impulsive, ignorant, and short-sighted, and that has enormous consequences.”

Flashback: CNN Hack Ana Navarro Tells First Lady Melania Trump, Ted Cruz They Should Go Back To Their Own Countries

CNN hack Ana Navarro responded to President Trump’s tweets to the radical Socialist, anti-Semitic Democratic freshmen party leaders.

President Trump posted several tweets exposing the ultra-radical young guns of the party — AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley.

The Democrats and their lapdogs in the media responded to the tweets by calling the president a “racist.”

On Monday CNN hack Ana Navarro told Senator Ted Cruz and First Lady Melania Trump to go back to their own countries.


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