CNN Refers To Washington And Jefferson As Just ‘Two Slave Owners’ While Covering Mt. Rushmore Event

(Gateway Pundit) – The resentment for America at CNN was on full display during Independence Day weekend, particularly as a CNN pundit referred to the Founding Fathers as just a couple of slave owners.

During the network’s coverage of President Donald Trump’s speech at Mt. Rushmore, Leyla Santiago said that “President Trump will be at Mount Rushmore, where he’ll be standing in front of a monument of two slave owners and on land wrestled away from Native Americans.”

The remarkably anti-American commentary lit social media ablaze, with patriots absolutely shredding the network for their hostility towards our nation.

“CNN has reduced the Founding Fathers of America, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to just ‘two slave owners,’” JT Lewis, whose brother was killed during the school shooting in Sandy Hook, tweeted. “CNN hates America.”

The segment was wildly different than how they covered Bernie Sanders appearing at Mt. Rushmore in 2016.


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  2. so to be fair news when you gonna start calling obama that socialist anti American commie and hillary that anti American lying murderer ?

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  4. This is classic liberal media flip-flopping. I’ll bet that, if Trump came out in favor of something like abortion, the liberal media would come out against it simply because Trump was in favor of it. They complain about their supposed mistreatment by the president, but they set themselves up for it. No wonder thinking people of any political party can’t take hem seriously…

  5. These are the same people that want to make heroes out of criminals and other low lifes who resent anyone that actually accomplished something. They treat other blacks who are successful as if they were traitors to some higher cause. Everything they talk about has to be seen through the racist filter that they use to view the world. I believe that is the very definition of racism.

  6. CNN should not be taken seriously anymore, but sadly, there are many that do. These people can’t think for themselves.

    • We’re just smart enough to get our news from well-reputed sources and not Fox News. Maybe you republicunts should try it.


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