CNN Forced To Report Viral Photo Of Child In “Cage” That Was Staged

June 20, 2018 7:08 pm  

( – If you need a good laugh after the last mind-numbing outburst of faux outrage from the left, this will definitely satisfy.

Hopefully, we’ve heard the last of the disgustingly hypocritical leftists who pretend to care about children whenever they can advocate for an open border, now that Trump has finally signed an executive order putting an end to the practice of separating parents and children at the border.

We definitely won’t be hearing any praise from the Democrats, that’s for sure.

And they still might be too busy licking their wounds after a viral photo that revved up a fresh outburst at the decades-old policy of separating children from illegal parents at the border turned out to be staged.

That’s right–the infamous “baby in a cage” photo that made the rounds on social media was totally, completely fake.

Which is hilarious, just like CNN’s pathetic coverage.

Here’s the deal: Snopes was forced to report that the picture, which shows a small child crying while clinging to what appears to be a cage, was actually part of a protest earlier this month.

“Some commenters maintained that the photograph had been taken years prior (in 2014 or earlier), during the administration of President Barack Obama, and was therefore not illustrative of the results of Trump-era immigration policies,” Snopes wrote.

“However, as it turned out, the photograph was taken on 10 June 2018, but it did not show a child confined by immigration authorities to a cage. Rather, it was snapped during a protest staged in front of Dallas City Hall to call attention to the Trump administration’s practice of separating families and confining undocumented children. Different photographs of the event document that the same child was standing a mocked-up ‘cage’ open at the top, and several commenters noted that the boy was crying not because he was confined, but because he saw his mother outside the pen and could not immediately figure out how to get to her.”

So, you mean to tell me that, in the process of protesting children being separated from their parents, a parent actually took their clueless toddler and put it in a cage??

How is that at all cool?

This poor child was, just like the children at the border, a political prop for democrats to evoke emotions they themselves don’t even have, as indicated by the fact that they regularly advocate for millions of babies to be dismembered in the womb on the taxpayer dime.

Anyway, CNN’s coverage of this “miscaptioned” photo is pure gold. The article is titled The truth behind this photo of an ‘immigrant child’ crying inside a cage and contains several paragraphs driving home the point about children being separated from their parents before casually mentioning that the photograph was…misunderstood.

“However,” it finally explains, “the picture was actually taken during a June 10 protest against White House immigration policies at Dallas City Hall, as first reported by fact-checking site Snopes.”

“Other Facebook photos from the protest, organized by the Texas chapter of the Brown Berets de Cemanahuac, a Latino advocacy group, show the same boy outside the cage as activists hold signs urging the White House to ‘stop separating families.’”

That’s right–they took the obvious story that the viral picture was entirely fake, and turned it into a way to back the protesters and continue to beat the open-border advocacy drum!

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