Clueless LA Times Complains About Increasing Homelessness In Mexico! — Ignores US Homeless Camps In Their Own Neighborhood!

(Gateway Pundit) – TRUMP IS WINNING for America! Mexico is finally starting to police their own borders thanks to American tariff threats.

In recent weeks, Mexican authorities have set up immigration checkpoints along the main northbound highway and have been aggressively detaining and deporting thousands of migrants.

The law enforcement squeeze seems destined to tighten with Mexico’s vow to deploy about 6,000 national guard forces to its southern border as part of a deal reached last week with the Trump administration to avert U.S. tariffs.

Mexico has 45 days to demonstrate that the northbound flows of migrants are declining, or the two sides go back to the negotiating table, with Mexico in a weakened position, Marcelo Ebrard, the country’s foreign secretary, said Tuesday.

WINNING! But the LA Times can’t let their readers focus on the fact that Trump was 100% correct while Democrats and RINOs were 100% wrong.

The completely clueless LA Times is very concerned about the homeless camps in MEXICO!

The article pivots focuses on the increasing problem of homelessness in Mexico as a result of America’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

At Mexico’s southern border, migrants feel the pinch of a crackdown spurred by U.S.

Long lines of migrants, mostly Central Americans, line up daily outside the Tapachula offices of the refugee agencies of Mexico and the United Nations.

Meanwhile, a polyglot throng including people from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean regularly gathers at the local headquarters of the National Institute of Immigration, Mexico’s agency for migrant affairs.

Almost all those seeking help have a common destination — the United States — but they find themselves caught in an expanding Mexican immigration crackdown prompted by U.S. pressure and marooned in this sweltering city in southern Mexico.

Funny that this “polyglot” has gotten the idea that Mexico is their ticket into America. How’d that happen?

They cannot proceed north without risking arrest, so they remain in Tapachula seeking documentation allowing legal travel to the U.S.-Mexico border, more than 1,000 miles away. They say they are fleeing poverty and violence in their homelands.

Yeah, we have poverty and violence here too, so….

Here’s where the article goes for the emotional jugular:

Migrants unable to find shelter sleep in the street outside the offices of the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance in Tapachula, Mexico, on June 12, 2019. (Rebecca Blackwell / Associated Press)

That’s a bummer, but guess what? We have a problem with homeless AMERICAN CITIZENS. Many of them Vets, women and children.

The LA Times and Democrats think it’s appropriate to demand housing and healthcare for illegals while Americans sleep on the sidewalks outside the LA Times office building.

You don’t have to walk more than 2 blocks outside the LA Times HQ to find more than a dozen AMERICAN citizens homeless on the street, yet they somehow think it’s America’s responsibility to take in OTHER country’s homeless, and house them immediately.

LA homelessness has exploded by 36% in the last year.