Chilling: Musician’s Career In Shambles After Wearing MAGA Hat And Voting

November 9, 2018 9:43 am  

( – Tell me there isn’t a lowkey persecution of conservatives in the US right now.

It’s like the McCarthy era…but instead of hunting out communists, they’re hunting out people who love their country and use their First Amendment rights.

These are chilling times.

Benton Blount, a musician of “America’s Got Talent” fame, recently found his Facebook account temporarily suspended and an upcoming tour canceled all for posting a picture of himself.

He just so happened to be wearing a MAGA hat, holding a drink from Chick-fil-A, and donning an “I Voted” sticker in the picture.

In the now-deleted post, he wrote “Someone reading this just got offended multiple times. My work here is done! #Vote.”

He later explained that he found his account temporarily suspended shortly afterward.

“That was pulled down from Facebook for some reason because it violated their standards. So I had to wait 24 hours, and I got back out of jail. I got back out of Facebook jail,” he explained later in a Facebook live video.

I was banned from Facebook (for 24 hours) and now I’ve just been banned from my opening spot on the Billy Gibbons tour. But suppression of Conservative opinion doesn’t happen and it doesn’t effect your career!

Posted by Benton Blount on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Just think of how insane it is for a man to get suspended from Facebook for wearing a campaign hat for the President of the United States and drinking a soda from a major fast food chain while wearing a sticker expressing that he’d voted.

Literally millions of Americans could identify with this post.

What makes it so inappropriate or offensive?

It got worse.

Blount found out he’d been kicked off an upcoming tour with legendary act ZZ Top.

“Drove down here from Greenville, South Carolina, to the venue” in Atlanta, Blount explained in the video. “I get a call from my friend from California who informs me that not only have I been banned from Facebook but as a result of being banned from Facebook I was pulled off of the Billy Gibbons tour, effective immediately.”

According to Fox News, Blount was not given a reason for why he was booted from the tour.

“I thought that it would be OK for me to post that I voted. I thought that it would be OK for me to say who I supported,” Blount explained.

He had every right to think that.

“I had a ‘MAGA’ hat on. For that reason, and that reason alone … my career is on hold for the week,” he added.

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