Cher: Trump ‘A Traitor To America Like No Other President In History’

(Breitbart) – Left-wing pop icon Cher fired off an all-caps Twitter rant on Friday, declaring President Donald Trump a “traitor to America like no other in history.”

Cher first targeted billionaire Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer, saying she “WOULDNT VOTE 4 TOM STEYER IF HE WAS LAST DEMOCRAT ON EARTH. ONLY A PERSON WITH EXPERIENCE SHOULD BE ALLOWED 2 RUN.”

Then, the Oscar and Grammy-winner went after President Trump.

“Donald trump HAS GUTTED, DESTABILIZED,& BEEN A TRAITOR TO [America] like no other present in history,” the “Believe” singer said. “Being president. of [America] SHOULDN’T BE ABLE 2 BE BOUGHT [money] ON A RICH MAN’S WHIM.”

An earlier screed saw Cher describing Trump as he gives “his bullshit speeches.”

“Why is it When Trump Has to Read One Of His Bullshit Speeches..,” the tweet began. “1.His tongue Swells. 2. His Teeth Get Loose. 3.His Lips Go Numb 4.He Forgets His Nose Spray. 5.He Needs Someone To Hold His Head Up. 6.Needs To Brush Up On English 7.Finish Last Dick & Jane Book.”

It’s not yet clear who Cher is backing in this election — though Steyer’s chances at becoming his party’s nominee got a bit of a boast this week as the left-wing mega-donor became the sixth candidate to qualify for next week’s Democrat debate in Iowa.

That said, it’s probably safe to say that Cher will be standing next to the eventual Democratic nominee. In the last few months alone she’s referred to Trump as “evil,” a “miscreant” who “traded his pathetic soul” to Russian president Vladimir Putin, and even urged, in November, that women vote and kick Trump’s ass out of office in November.



  2. Cher I liked your music BUT you have crossed the red line keep politics out of your profession . And I believe you said you would leave the country if Trump won , well why are you still here ? I know you do not want to loose the money ! I guess lying about leaving sends a true message that you are not telling the truth about the Trump administration as you say and lie about it Bye Cher you have lost yet another fan that thought you more brains than what you are doing to our country

  3. @ Cher, that does not mean because you were popular before both on screen and into music industry that people believes in you. Stick your talents to film and music industry. You belong to it.

    • Stupid isn’t even close to describing this absolute bimbo. Washed up? come on . . . that was many years ago when she was really ignorant. One look at her would make a train take a dirt road in embarrassment.

  4. I don’t like Cher’s music, but I F****** LOVE HER AS A POLITICIAN! The sooner the Senate does their job and removes Traitor Trump’s sorry butt from office and deports him back to Russia, the sooner America can truly start becoming great again.

  5. She used to sing that the people called her gypsies, tramps and thieves. She is still certainly a tramp and add stupid and a traitor. Sing about that, Cher. That is, if you still can sing.

  6. Cher, I always loved you. Your voice, your charm, your beauty. Some where along the way. Something bad happened ,I know. Honey you have become unrealistic. So full of hate and disregard. Is that what living the high life does to people. I ll just stay poor trashy country bumpkin.

  7. Cher you have no idea what you’re talking about! I recall when I saw you one morning in Hollywood at a booth at the Formosa on Santa Monica Blvd. You had your head wrapped up in an Aunt Jemima head dress. You looked at me with your insecure expression, you know stupid! I wouldn’t use you for a rag to clean the President’s shoes. You and your Hollywood garbage who live in a very different world of perversion and deception should all move to Iran! We don’t need your insulting remarks. 60 Million American’s who voted for Trump and he’s helped them regain their self esteem. You SOB’S trying to take him down. Your day of reckoning is coming just when you least expect it. Perhaps the Secret Service can arrest you that pig Di Nero, Madonna, Depp, and the rest of the pathetic Hollywood trash.

  8. I like Cher! Always have! She’s just listening to all the stupid hollywood rif and sticking with their stupidness! She’s also got something upstairs that made her net worth an astounding $360 million making her one of the wealthiest icons in Hollywood. But I’m Trump all the way!!!! So CHER get over it……

  9. I have read several comments, but the last three are in very bad taste. Why is it that the citizens in the United States are so stupid, that any kind of stories that the persons on the hill come up with. They are so ready to believe. It just bogus the mind. When all you have to do is check out what’s happening to our country.

  10. Cher is a conditioned and media brainwashed, socialist-democrap from the 60’s. Nothing, she or the socialist idiots that she identifies with has been proven to be other than a fabricated lie. Whatever she or Nasty Pelosi and their ilk-the anti-American, socialist-communist-democraps-have tried to accuse Donald Trump of having done or said has been clearly proven to be a lie. Cher-like Hitlery Clit-on and Nasty Pelosi-need to be taken in by the fed police and put into solitary confinenent. From there to a speedy trial, found guilty of high treason and then publically hanged.

  11. Cher. Don’t you know who created you. The voice that you have is a gift from God the Creator of the Universe. Who are you to judge our President Trum? Are you without sin? We are all sinners except Jesus who went to the cross for you & for the whole world. You ought to watch the Passion movie. When you speak against Pres. Trump you speak against God. Think about it. We are in the end time & all the things happening are in the Bible. You can still turn from your sin & except Jesus as your Saviour. Think about it. Tatjana

  12. Is she still alive ? But these days anyone with an anti-Trump tirade merits time on failing AoL. I keep it because even hackers ignore AoL.

  13. Cher is nothing more than an old past her prime moronic hippy. She has never been a tower of intellect. She and her traitorous comrades in the so called entertainment industry should have their citizenships revoked and deported to some third world bung hole so they can lecture them. Hollyweird will soon be irrelevant to even the dumbest of lefties.

  14. Cher should receive an Oscar and a Grammy for being one of the dumbest Hollywood, TV and entertainment people ever. And this is a kind remark considering that she is really worse than that.

  15. Cher’s laundry list of a description of a DJT looks more like Nasty Nancy with her teeth slipping and getting tongue-tied. I notice she talks fast, hoping folks won’t see how bad her rhetoric really is. It seems that when these Hollywood air-heads go on rants about personality when speaking about DJT, NEVER talking issues. Poor Cher has fallen into the aura of Hanoi Nancy. Both are traitors.

  16. If they hate America so much wouldn’t it be much easier to just pack their shit & become illegal immigrants to some socialist country like iran or venezuela instead stay in a country you hate & have “NOTHING” good to say about it, and try to start a civil war by trying to force their socialist pig agenda down the throats of the 3/4 of Americans that love this country! It seems like a win win for everyone involved! Of course I’d love to see or read about what happens to them in their socialist country when they trash talk their new dictator like they talk shit about President Trump! But I’m sure the main reason is their slaves, the hardworking, middle class, American taxpayers who pay for everything these moron do!

  17. Cher is ANOTHER one who needs to put the BONG down, QUIT smoking (to preserve what little BRAIN cells in her gray matter), and come to the truth . . . SHE is the TRAITOR to the U.S., NOT POTUS Trump!. He’s done more for this country in less than 4 YEARS than she EVER did while she was alive. She is a PATHETIC waste and LIAR! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  18. She is on drugs just like in the sixties. That is where she lost her brain cells. What is more troubling is that all these progressive socialist communist fascist racist democrat entertainers ( which is is a stretch) use The News and social media to spread their Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat views.
    Who cares what they think. It’s more important what Real Americans who love their country think, not these Socialist Communist who hate America think.

  19. I saw Sonny & Cher in Concert back in 1967. She can sing- a little bit.
    She was on a par with Sonny and Bob Dylan. That said, does she know
    what a traitor is and what a person does to become a traitor. ONE is to
    aid a abet the enemy (Hanoi Jane comes to mind) TWO sell secrets or
    give away defense data to the enemy (Benedict Arnold, the Rosenbergs)
    and THREE fight for the enemy WHILE a US Citizen (those supporting
    the Islamic Jihad and ISIS) NONE OF THESE is Trump guilty of BUT
    many of our Leftists in Hollywood ARE. They give the enemy hope every
    day that they will eventually defeat us FROM WITHIN.

  20. What I can’t understand; is how this old washed up bag of manure can still get air time.
    She is not worth our time and certainly does not have an ounce of expertise in her propped up boos and buttocks.

  21. who gives a shit what the sloppy b.says she slept with every one she could to get where she is .I always felt sorry for sonny best thing he ever did was to get rid of her .she is just another hollywood idiot.does not know her ass from a hole in the ground.

  22. “Snap out of it” comes to mind. Cher reveals her true self, and the real gift that Trump has given us. TDS exposes the vast amount of arrogance, elistism and hatred of working people from the mindless left. Cher is so into herself she cannot see others, unless they are reflecting her.

  23. This ignorant twit can not name one single thing Donald Trump has done that is traitorous, the same as all the other leftwing idiot dumborats. They don’t like him because he wants to end thier corruption and get america back where it belongs in world status. They hate him because he won’t put up with crap from terrorist. He exposes the left forwhat they are.

  24. Cher, Please stop listening to the left, & to the corrupt media. Talk to someone that will tell you the truth, or go on line, & do a little research. Check with your business manager, & see where your stocks have gone, UP! UP! UP! because of President Donald J. Trump. While you are at it, take a peek at the list of everything, that our President has done for the American People. Changing the subject, I met a lady working in Walmart, she fell out of her attic, over a week ago, she has been working in terrible pain since. She has no insurance, she has not been to an emergency room, or a doctor, keep in mind that this is an American citizen, I was so upset, I could see that she was in pain, & had no way of help. I then told her, if she went across the border, & could sneak back in illegally, she could get everything she needed. Was I Wrong?

  25. This is news?

    Cher should KNOW that Americans do NOT support Mr. Trump’s time, in office.

    As a real estate developer, Mr. Trump is the BEST there is. No question.

    As a political leader??????

    • President Trump is the best you’ll ever see and he is a GOOD political leader, God help us when his second term is over!!

    • As you should have figured out by now truth doesn’t matter to the Dems and leftist Socialists who think that we owe those who don’t work for a living our hard earned money. And they probably would not lift a finger to help those people!! They want to correct what they view as social injustice with everyone else’s money and not their own. We have a word for that in the English language. It’s hypocrite.

  26. Cher is just Hollywood trash that doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about. We have the greatest economy in history.

  27. Cher is as dumb as the day is long.. another fake Pocahontas ! Isn’t she the one who sent her 7yr old boy to boarding school ?!

    • Well, Nicholas what is going to happen to the Cher trashers? You gonna eat some “beans” and fart on everybody? Cher is and always has been a singer, she thought. You can tell by the color of her hair she lacks a little somewhere. She is just another Hollywood self-absorbed thing that thinks we should care what she is, but we don’t. She could not even keep Sonny happy.

  28. Between Sonny and Cher, he had the brain. She’s just another Deep State entertainment puppet. Their entire lives are acts according to scripts provided by people who wish to corrupt or otherwise influence the National mindset. There are a few exceptions.

  29. Hollywood needs to listen to another famous actor – Anthony Hopkins – who said that Hollywood actors were too stupid to speak about politics. Her ex-husband was the exception and I have respect for him. He fought global interference and control by the UN>

  30. There is no one intellligent person would ever support her on her opinions period!! She’s a dispicable garbage big mouth that falls in the hell-house with all the other DINGBATS like poopie goldberg,no-joy baywhore,krazy griffilth,georgy lowlifepez,and all the rest of democrat imbeciles in Hollywierd and congress!!! They just want o control your taxes & way of life because that’s what the communist democrats DO!!

  31. Another useless rattling saber from the lefty loons. Just once I’d like to see them state their case. All they ever do is make accusations. Absolutely no reason they say why he’s all these things. Minds in need of a direction.

  32. Back when Cher was partnered with Sonny, entertainers usually kept their politics to themselves i.e. “Shut up and sing”. They should go back to that, since leftists tend to be dumber than rocks.

  33. I sometimes get tired of Trump’s tweets (some of them do seem pointless), but this old cow is just stupid. Hey Cher, just in case you were curious, using numerals is not clever and all caps is not a barometer of intelligence.

  34. Cher no one with a brain or any sense cares about you. You just described yourself and Bernie Sanders, except your plastic surgeons used lots of super glue to hold you parts in place

  35. The entire Hollywood goon platoon,,(all of them),,,,are the traitors here,,,as for the red headed cougar,,,,guess she ran out of 20 year old boys to chase,,,,she knows nothing about the political arena and could care less,,,,she is just looking for another moment in the spotlight,,,,give it up Cher,,,you were flushed a long time ago,,,,,

  36. Cher you are an uninformed moron. ALL of the traitors have a D next to their name. It is not Donald Trump no matter how many times you and all the other liberals regurgitate that lie.

  37. It never ceases to amaze me what irrelevant former pop stars, actors, Etc will say to appease their Union Masters in order to try to maintain opportunities in the industry. Ultimately all they end up doing is revealing how ignorant they truly are. It’s kind of sad really!

  38. Here you have it!!! Hollywood and America’s Entertainment clowns trying to play politics with no experience, no reason, no logic, no truth, no evidence and my goodness—–> no integrity, no morals, and no loyalty to our USA.

  39. YAWN! Who really cares what these fools think? Even another leftie called them out on this and wont be back next yr because of it-Ricky Gervais!

  40. Talentless ignorant hollyweird SCUMBAG. Quit using our President to make yourself feel relevant with your minions! YOU ARE NOT, slide back under the rock from where you emerged. Slimy lying libturd snake!

  41. Oh does this person really think America takes her seriously when she talks, about anything, but especially politics. If your fashion sense is any indication of how many brain cells you have than you’re seriously clueless.

  42. Where does she get this BS from. Maybe Trump isnt the most elegant speaker but what he is doing os for the American people. Her thinking and TDS is totallly FU. Just move then already. South America is waiting for you.

  43. There is far too much fecal matter in the water in California
    the Hollywood loons are suffering from a chronic brain infection. They need to be put on a diet of bottled water and saltine crackers to clear up the infection of the brain, Im assuming that some do have a brain, But with CHER there is plenty of room for doubt.

  44. I agree with almost everything you said, John…except the part about “she can sing”…Rather, she can utilize mechanical equipment such as a voice tuner to stay on pitch but otherwise, it always sounds and looks like she’s singing with something in her mouth…perhaps her foot?

    • I thought she was supposed to leave the country. Just another big mouth coward elite. I hear Syria is nice this time of year.

    • it must be heartbreaking for Cher to wake up every morning and realize that she’s that stupid, and will never be any smarter. My God, that woman is a nitwit.

  45. Cher, just one more irrelevant, Botox filled, dumb slut. She can sing, but she doesn’t know how to think in the manner of a rational, logical person. Uneducated I presume.

    • Her best days were many years ago. She may have had talent ans style but not much brain power. She still has has crowd appeal and is probably good on her back but digesting facts and reaching good conclusions were never her best quality


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