Censorship: If You Criticize Islam On WordPress.com, You Just Might Find Yourself Booted

(TeaParty.org) – The religion of Islam teaches many things that are fundamentally opposed to all the values we hold dear in the West.

And yet, as we lose our sense of identity in Western values, to be replaced with rabid multiculturalism that cancels out any sense of morals or liberty, a religion that glorifies slavery, the abuse of women, and jihad is becoming a sacred cow.

WordPress.com, the popular blogging and hosting platform, has deplatformed those critical of Islam, according to Marc from Jihad Watch.

He writes that he has been aware of two sites so far being taken down from WordPress.com with no warning, Creeping Sharia and Muslim Statics.

He first caught wind of this censorship in a tweet:

“Looking at this tweet, it appears that this deplatforming action was due to a complaint from Pakistan regarding breaking Sharia law,” he explains.

He explains that this violates their terms of service in section 4, which states:

We do not have any control over those websites and are not responsible for their contents or their use.

He suggests that, while one could reach out to Automattic and express their disappointment, that anyone who is still using WordPress.com to migrate elsewhere promptly or risk meeting the same fate.

I would suggest anyone using wordpress.com (not .org) or for that matter blogger, dump them immediately, and migrate to a non-managed host using the open source version at wordpress.com, I say non-managed host, as managed hosting services seem to be far more likely to be pressured by hate groups such as SPLC into removing services. Non-managed hosting services would include AWS, Linode and my favorite at the moment DigitalOcean (includes referral link).

It’s fairly easy to manage your own WordPress blog, these sites all have extensive help documents, and surprisingly un-managed hosting services seem to have far less technical troubles than managed ones do. The WordPress open source community is vibrant. It might be helpful not to interact using politically sensitive profile names. I mention this as someone I sent there to get help came back telling me they were unhelpful and ignored him. When I checked, I was not surprised.

It’s pretty depressing that we’re at this point. WordPress has long been a great place for anyone to have their own corner of the internet to publish whatever they wish.

Posting information about Islam, however critical, that is not an outright call to violence should never be criticized.

In fact, criticizing a religious institution is a right many people have fought and died for, including our Founding Fathers, who felt it of the utmost importance that mankind had a God-given right to speak their mind and not be compelled to worship any one way or the other.

We should not be tiptoeing around the internet.

This is creeping fascism.


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