Celebs Push Gun Control After CA School Shooting: ‘Americans Are A Violent People’

(Breitbart) – Celebrities pushed gun control, criticized the NRA, and blamed President Donald Trump after a 16-year-old shot five fellow students in Santa Clarita, California.

Breitbart News reported that surveillance cameras caught the suspect pulling a .45 caliber handgun out of his backpack and opening fire at the school, shooting the fellow students before shooting himself.

CBS Los Angeles reported that two of the five wounded students died after being transported to the hospital.

Michael Moore responded to the shooting on social media:

Actress Alyssa Milano and actor Michael Ian Black responded to the shooting by criticizing the NRA.

Milano shared the hashtag “NoRA”:

Black called the organization “terrorist”:

Author Stephen King used the shooting to criticize President Trump:

Actress Minnie Driver engaged in some hashtag activism:

And actress Debra Messing called for action and included a note to Moms Demand in her tweet.

Little Mermaid’s Lin-Manuel Miranda made a general call for more “gun control now,” while Piper Perabo used the shooting to push for universal background checks in particular.

Perabo did not mention that California has had universal background checks since the 1990s. The state also has an “assault weapons” ban, a 10-day waiting period on gun purchases, and a requirement that would-be gun buyers get a safety certificate from the state before buying a firearm.

California has a one-handgun-a month purchase limit, registration requirements for gun owners, ammunition controls, gun confiscation laws, and a ban on teachers being armed to shoot back in case they are under attack.



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