CBS Airs ‘Joke’ About President Trump’s Son Don Jr. Being Trampled By Rhino On Late Show With Stephen Colbert

(Gateway Pundit) – CBS broadcast a ‘joke’ Wednesday night on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert about President Trump’s son Don Jr. being trampled by a white rhino. The ‘joke’ opened the show.

The ‘joke’ was the climax of a bit about a ‘CSPAN-3’ report on Don Jr.’s closed door testimony Wednesday before the Senate Intelligence Committee that featured courtroom style sketches to illustrate the jokes.

One joke’s punchline was Don Jr., in response to a question from Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), shooting a white rhino that is seen dead at Trump’s witness table.

Later, the white rhino is said to have been ‘playing possum’ and the hearing comes to an abrupt end as Don Jr. is trampled by the rhino.

Video of the sketch was posted to Twitter by the Late Show.

The Late Show also posted a brief video GIF from Wednesday’s show in which Colbert goes into a psychotic rage accusing President Trump of “destroying democracy”. Note the madness in his eyes.

The Secret Service should ensure Colbert is nowhere near President Trump or any member of his family.