Catholic Priest Attempts To Defend St. Louis Statue From Further Leftist Vandalism — Leftist Mob Threatens To Take Cathedral Next! (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Earlier this week the Gateway Pundit announced a prayer rally on Saturday at the iconic St. Louis Statue on Art Hill in Forest Park.

We planned the rally because there is currently a petition by local leftist and radical Umar Lee to remove this beautiful landmark in St. Louis City.

There is also a movement to rename the city because St. Louis was “Islamophobic.”

And like clockwork local Islamist Umar Lee and the left smeared TGP and Christians who planned on attending the prayer rally as “white nationalists.”

On Friday, in the most egregious attack on this rally yet, St. Louis City Treasurer Tishaura Jones posted several tweets attacking Mayor Krewson and labeling local Christians “KKK” for holding a prayer rally to save the St. Louis statue in Forest Park.

Of course, hundreds of Black Lives Matter and antifa activists turned out today to counter a Christian prayer rally.

Several of Christians turned out and at least three priests were in the crowd.

At one point Rev. Stephen Shumacher, a priest with the St. Louis Archdiocese took a microphone and started to tell the crowd about the life of St.Louis. Of course, none of the protest mob had any idea why they were there or who they were protesting.

As Father Shumacher tried to tell the mob about St. Louis the mob shouted him down, screamed at him and hurled insults.

At one point you can hear an individual making threats against the St. Louis Cathedral, “Eventually, we’re taking that too!”

This is not a peaceful protest movement we are witnessing.

This is a Marxist revolution.


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  2. We are at war and no one wants to acknowledge the fact. lock and load and remove these traitors. where is the fbi where is the doj? time to arrest these perpetrators.


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