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Mass Media Hoax Claims Alex Jones Sent Child Porn When He Was The Victim Of 3rd Party Sending Child Porn To Him Christian School That Does Not Utilize LGBT Sex Ed. Raided SWAT-Style – Being Targeted By State Of California To Allow Sexual Exploration Or Be Shut Down Mueller’s Going Down: One Of General Flynn’s New Attorneys Wrote The Book On Prosecutorial Ethics And Misconduct Meadows: A Lot Of Whistleblowers Have Come Forward Since Barr, Durham Began Their Investigation – ‘Indictments Are On Their Way’ (Video) Maryland County Officials Replace POW/MIA Flag At Veteran’s Park With Rainbow LGBTQ Pride Flag Golden State Warriors Won’t Visit White House (Cuz, You Know, Losers Don’t Get Invited) U.S., Guatemala Negotiate Legal Wall Against Migrants Google Keeps A Blacklist Of Conservative Sites To Censor The Democrats’ Fake Impeachment Trickery Is Still In The Making Kamala Harris Continues To Lie About Charlottesville ‘Very Fine People’ Hoax Blowhard Jim Acosta’s Book “Enemy Of The People” Already 40% Off – Drops To #268 On Amazon In Its First Week Matt Gaetz: ‘America First’ Means Protecting U.S. Border Before Avenging Japanese Vessels Here’s More Ammunition For Roger Stone: Additional Reasons On Why Mueller’s Story That The DNC Was Hacked By Russians Is A Fairy Tale! USA Powerlifting Federation Prepares To Defend Transgender Athlete Policy In Court Teen Vogue Publishes Article Promoting Prostitution To Their Young Readers The First Black President: Twice As Many Voters Say Trump Better For Blacks Than Barack Obama Phoenix Parents File $10M Suit: Police Threatened To Shoot Over Stolen Doll Here We Go… House Judiciary Subcommittee To Hold Hearing On Slavery Reparations Wednesday With Danny Glover And Ta-Nehisi Coates Trump Supporters Start Lining Up Nearly Two Days Before Tuesday Night’s Massive Orlando Reelection Campaign Kickoff Rally