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US Attorney John Durham Began Investigating Spygate Scandal “Weeks Ago” – Working Directly With IG Horowitz On FISA Abuses ‘Dude, That Would Be So Funny’: Navy Finally Releases Findings From Probe Into ‘Sky Penis’ Drawing NM Governor Who Left Border Open Over Trump’s “Charade Of Fear-Mongering” — Sees Illegals Flood Across Border, Then Buses Them To Denver Breaking: White House Counsel Rejects House Judiciary Demands – Calls Investigations ‘Unauthorized Do-Over’ Of Mueller Probe Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Signs Abortion Ban Into Law Trump White House Launches Website For Victims Of Tech Censorship — Where You Can Add Your Name And Tell Your Story Special Prosecutor John Durham Targeting CIA In Its Role In Origins Of Spygate – Brennan’s Actions Will ‘Come Into Sharper Focus’ Scarborough: Trump’s ‘Going To Be Hard To Beat’ — Looks ’20 Years Younger’ Than Most Dem Candidates Bombshell: Bayer Discovers “Black Ops” Division Run By Monsanto, Shuts It Down, Initiates Internal Investigation As Law Enforcement Prepares Criminal Charges Against The Chemical Giant NY Times Offers Proof That Democrat Rashida Tlaib Was Lying Through Her Teeth About Israel Planned Parenthood Boasts “Trans Women’s” Health Services — Gets Destroyed In Comments Bette Midler Joins Sex Strike To Protest Georgia ‘Heartbeat’ Law Louie Gohmert: ‘This Came Very Close To Being The First Successful Coup’ In U.S. History Kamala Harris: If Elected I Will Take Gun Dealers’ Licenses Away With Executive Action NXIVM Whistleblower Tells All: Hillary, Gillibrand Involved In Sex Slavery, Trafficking, And Satanism Where Is The Media On The Millions Obama Accepted From Foreign Actors? Two Homes Owned By Republican South Carolina Governor Burned – Arson Suspect Detained Cuba Violently Shuts Down ‘Illegal’ Gay Pride Parade Police, FBI, Raid San Francisco-Based Journalist’s Home For Protecting Source