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BREAKING: Trump Just Obliterated “Sanctuary” Democrats With Major Victory Muslim “Refugees” Take Over Small Tennessee Town, Force Absolute HELL On Terrified Christians States Revolt Against Feds: No More Refugees! BREAKING: Muslim Spy Arrested In D.C. – Look Who He Was Working For “Dumb” U.S.-Australia Refugee Deal Might Be Cancelled After Officials “Abruptly” End Screening Process JUST IN: Muslim Refugee Running For Office In Shocking State – His Plan Is DISTURBING ALERT: Major U.S. City Drops “Sanctuary City” Law, Instantly Gets Surprising Result 3 “Refugees” In Idaho Just RAPED a 5-Year-Old Girl. What Should Happen to Them? ‘He Has No Papers!’ Dad Makes Huge Scene at Daughter’s Wedding Because ‘It’s A Marriage of Immigration’ Not Love BREAKING: Mayor Gets INSTANT Justice After Giving Welfare To Refugees WATCH: Jeff Sessions Drops Bad News Bombshell On Liberal Trump-Haters Number of Refugees Admitted to U.S. Drops By Almost Half WATCH: New Video Reveals HORRIFYING Truth About Voter Fraud. God Help Us. University Sends Out Note Reminding Foreign Students Not to Crap in Showers Muslim Refugees RAPE 5-Year-Old Idaho Girl, Judge PUNISHES Her Parents With Sick Order BREAKING: Muslims Go On Killing Spree, Liberal Media REFUSES To Report What Happened WARNING: Muslim Gang Caught With Sick Plan For Women Drivers. Warn Your Loved Ones. Illegal Alien Who Works As Paralegal For ‘Kuck Immigration Partners’ is Ordered Deported This American City is Now FULLY Under Sharia Law – EVERYONE Needs to See This