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WATCH: Trump Issues POWERFUL Message To Obama’s Illegals. This is BRILLIANT. ‘California Is Not A Country’: Tucker Takes On Entitled Immigrant Who Loves That Illegals Are Preferred Over US Citizens BREAKING: Look Who’s Funding California’s “Sanctuary City” Law… NY Times Columnist Says Deport Lazy (White?) Americans Instead Of Illegal Immigrants Texas Judge Pushes U.S. Toward ‘Sanctuary Nation,’ Warns Scholar Trump Admin Says No More Legal Status for Illegal Immigrant Parents; Brings Obama Policy to Screeching Halt BREAKING: DeBlasio Signs SICK Order To Protect MS-13 Gang Members Rutgers to Host College Fair for Illegal Immigrants, Will Include Info on Financial Aid and Scholarships Americans FURIOUS to Learn That Illegal Immigrants Are Getting 100 Percent Of Their… BREAKING: Trump Just Gave HORRIBLE News to Obama’s Entitled “Dreamers”. Do You Support? Students Create App to Warn About ICE Agents On Campus Limited Detention Space Still Forcing ‘Catch and Release’ of Illegal Aliens; What’s Trump Doing About It? L.A. MAYOR: Immigration Arrests May Cause A ‘Tinderbox’ WATCH: Black Trump Supporter Goes NUCLEAR On Liberal City Council, It’s BRUTAL ‘Angel Dad’ Ad Pleads with Trump to Withhold Funds From Sanctuary Cities BREAKING: New Law Gives Illegals “Get Out Of Jail Free” Card In THIS Liberal State US Supreme Court Sides with Mexican Immigrant Deported for Having Sex with a Minor All Hell Breaks Loose at Calif Dem’s Town Hall When Residents Opposed to Illegal Immigration Show Up CHAOS AT TEXAS STATE HOUSE! Democrat Attacks Republican After He Calls ICE on Illegals in Building