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BREAKING: Roy Moore Jumps To 10 Point Lead In PredictIt Market As Accuser Accusations Fall Apart SHOCKING: Roy Moore Raised Over $1 Million In Last 10 Days Without RNC, Nobody Has Done This ALERT: Roy Moore Campaign Releases Witness Statements, Destroys Accuser Nelson’s Account … Dems Are DESPERATE BREAKING: Top Texas Republican Comes To Moore’s Defense, This Statement Will Restore Justice ‘I WILL NOT BE CONTROLLED’: Roy Moore Goes BEAST MODE On McConnell & D.C. Swamp Kings ALERT: Roy Moore Wins Powerful New Ally, This Changes Everything BREAKING: Roy Moore Funding ‘Skyrockets’ Since Attacks, Media Going INSANE Character Witnesses: Former Girlfriends, Employees, And Childhood Friends Step Up To Defend Roy Moore Franklin Graham Weighs In, Blasts Those Attacking Roy Moore Alabama Governor Kay Ivey Announces She Will Vote For Judge Roy Moore In Senate Race (Video) ‘Let Me Set the Record Straight — He Will Not Step Down,’ Says Roy Moore Wife Kayla New Roy Moore Poll Numbers Have To Be Scaring Democrats Roy Moore Addresses Campaign Staff About Dropping Out Of Senate Race WARNING: As Roy Moore’s Lead Narrows, Democrats Smell Blood … Warn Everyone You Can! DEBUNKED: Shock Poll Predicts Biden Would Eviscerate Trump By 11 Points, Dems Have Another Thing Coming UNREAL: Cocky Liberals Hailing ‘Trump Effect’ For Future Electoral Takeover, Here’s Why They’re Going To LOSE! Alabama Woman Who Worked With Roy Moore As Teen Speaks Out=> “I Never Once Felt Uncomfortable” BREAKING: 2020 Challenger Emerges… POLLS: Judge Roy Moore Maintains Double-Digit Lead Before, After WaPo Smear … He’s Invincible!