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BREAKING: Loretta Lynch “Pleads Fifth,” Wants to Hide Her Sick Crime NY Dems Give Politically Connected Judge Six-Figure Job She’s Too Obese To Do, ‘She Would Soil the Chair and Then Ask For a New One’ WATCH: Thugs’ HORRIFIC Crime Caught on Camera – WARNING, This is DISTURBING Possible Active Shooter at US Army Installation in Alabama, Facility on Lockdown WATCH: Tomi Lahren Releases Stunning New Video to Expose Loretta Lynch WATCH: Mark Levin Drops Russia Collusion Bombshell, “Democrats Should Be Excited” BREAKING: Judge Nap Has BAD NEWS For Loretta Lynch, She Won’t Get Off Easily [VIDEO] BREAKING: New Evidence Proves Michael Flynn Was Framed, What’s Your Response? JUST IN: Powerful Dem Gets 28-Years In Prison For Horrifying Crime Against Kids Judge Acts Quickly On Claim Comey Obstructed Justice ‘I’ll Be Damned!’ Trey Gowdy FURIOUS Closed-Door Intel Testimony Leaked, Says Only 8 People in the Room WATCH: Trey Gowdy Issues CHILLING Warning To Capitol Hill Leakers Dallas City Council Angry They Can’t Just TAKE Man’s Land ALERT: Armed Thugs Just TOOK OVER a Popular US Vacation Spot. Media Cover Up. What’s The Reward for Instigating Mass Rioting in Ferguson? Michael Brown’s Parents Have Just Found Out BREAKING: Clintons Admit Guilt For Nasty Crime, MEDIA COVERING IT UP NAPOLITANO: Fmr. Attorney General Lynch Could Face 5-10 Years in Prison WATCH: Thugs’ SHOCK Reaction To ‘Cold Chicken’ Caught On Camera – It’s SICK Foundation’s Board Gave the Clintons Lifetime Rule Over $109M Non-Profit