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Senator Kamala Harris Supports Reparations for Slavery – But Her Jamaican Ancestors Were Plantation Slave Owners? Five Members of Corrupt Congressional Black Caucus Take $60,000 Trip to South Africa for Beyonce Concert Paul Manafort Indicted and in Solitary Confinement While Hillary and Creepy Podesta Brothers Run Free – Manafort Worked for Podestas! DOCUMENTS: Guess How Much Taxpayers Spent on Nancy Pelosi’s Museum Tour of Italy? DHS Confirms “Rogue” Cellular Eavesdropping Device May Have Been Used Near White House SHOCK REPORT=> MORE EVIDENCE Proves Foreign Meddling in 2016 Election Was From UK… NOT Russia UK Protesters Flood the Streets to Demand the Release of Imprisoned Journalist Tommy Robinson (VIDEOS) NYC’s Corrupt Mayor De Blasio To Withhold Money From Museums If They’re Not “Diverse” Enough Report: Cell Phone Tracking Company Bug Leaked Millions of American’s Real-Time Locations The NSA Continues to Abuse Americans by Intercepting Their Telephone Calls Government Accidentally Releases Documents On Remote Mind-Control Homeland Security to Compile Database of Journalists and ‘Media Influencers’ Pentagon Admits Billions In US Funds Disappeared in Afghanistan To “Fraud, Waste And Abuse” China to Use Facial Recognition to identify Jaywalkers, Text Them Fines WATCH=> FBI Informant on Uranium One Speaks ON CAMERA For the First Time Julian Assange Drops a Bomb: Implicates British Government in Dirty Anti-Trump Dossier What Do They Know That We Don’t? DC Officials Flock To Doomsday Camps 80% Of US State Department’s Top Jobs Are Unfilled New Jersey Prepares To Raise Taxes On “Almost Everything” As It Nears Financial Disaster