“You Can’t Watch This” Film Documents Plight Of De-Platformed Conservatives

(Gateway Pundit) – A new documentary film hits the internet on Wednesday, May 15th, and it centers around the fascistic tactics of the big tech companies as they cave in to the threats from the far left and remove conservative journalists, publishers and personalities from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

The film discusses the impact that the de-platforming has had on these conservative and right-wing personalities.

Directed and edited by George Llewelyn-John, “You Can’t Watch This” is an expository style documentary featuring in-depth interviews with Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, Laura Loomer, Tommy Robinson, and Paul Joseph Watson, as well as glimpses into both their personal lives. The movie takes us behind-the-scenes of some of their professional lives.

Alex Jones talks about his early days, how he started off with a cable access show, then became the highest rated radio show in Austin, before getting fired because he refused to stop talking about politics. “It’s the truth, I’m going to keep saying it” he says. “I was used as the straw man, to build up this big bad guy, then sell my silencing so that once the public took the bait, took the hook in their mouths, then everyone else would fall.”

But will the totalitarian left tactics eventually backfire? “By banning Alex Jones from the internet, the left just reaffirms his entire argument. There is an information war. And it just makes people want him more,” says Laura Loomer. She goes on to say “It’s not a lifestyle for people who are weak minded… you feel demoralized… I can’t go into the real world and get a regular job because the left has created this narrative that I’m a nazi, that I’m a white supremacist.”

McInnes explains how he has faced constant harassment and vandalism to his property, leading him to even hire off duty police as security.

The first thing Paul Joseph Watson does in the morning, before talking to anyone or before having breakfast, is checking to see if his YouTube and Twitter accounts are still there.

The film also explores how media have latched onto the conjecture of the far left and even fanned the flames, which has even resulted in Tommy Robinson being slandered by politicians on the floor of Parliament.

Check out the trailer here:



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