Cambridge Promotes Academic Who Said “White Lives Don’t Matter” To Full Professorship

Institution rewards Priyamvada Gopal for publishing racist hate speech.

(Infowars) – Cambridge University reacted to one of its academics tweeting “White Lives Don’t Matter” by ignoring the backlash and promoting her to a full professorship.

As we highlighted yesterday, the controversy began when Dr Priyamvada Gopal, English academic and Churchill fellow, tweeted, “abolish whiteness” and “I’ll say it again. White Lives Don’t Matter.”

This prompted the launch of a petition to have her fired which currently has almost 15,000 signatures.

However, both the university and media outlets responded by trying to frame a narrative that Gopal was being “abused” by a hate mob, completely pardoning her for her overtly racist comments.

Despite the fact that Twitter has now removed Gopal’s original tweet for hate speech, Cambridge University itself has rewarded the academic.

“Thanks to everyone who wrote to @Twitter: the ludicrous ban has been lifted. I am therefore delighted to share with you personally, that last night Cambridge promoted me to a full Professorship,” tweeted Gopal. “The hate mails & threats are coming in non-stop but @CambridgeCops are following up.”

She also blamed the backlash on “people who elect the likes of Trump and (Boris) Johnson.”

Cambridge University has therefore literally rewarded Gopal for publishing racist hate speech.

Their approach to another academic, Noah Carl, was somewhat different after 500 academics signed a letter challenging Carl’s research on race and intelligence. He was swiftly dismissed.

Cambridge University also previously rescinded its offer of a visiting fellowship to Jordan Peterson after a woke mob complained about his stance on political correctness and after he appeared in a photograph with a man wearing a t-shirt that said “I’m a proud Islamophobe.”

Having formerly enjoyed a reputation as one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, Cambridge University is now proudly proclaiming itself to be a safe space for vile racists – and they’ll be teaching your kids!


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  2. Try living off All black students , she would change her tune quickly , but she is progressive liberal trash.

  3. If a white law abiding citizen made that comment they would be labeled racist. For a n…..r to say it is OK. BS to her and anyone who supports her. What has happened to the values that made this country great. We grew up allowing the likes of her to expand to the point they want to destroy this country. Now we have to deal with it. Rubber bullets, Hell! Shoot to kill.

  4. Guess the only appropriate response is: Cambridge doesn’t matter. Do the parents KNOW what they’re supporting with the tuition money they send in for their kids? Do they CARE? Seriously, it’s a great time to consider whether that university degree is worth the cost and effort any more.

    • The only sewage and vile is what comes out of Cambridge and Gopals foul mouth. She better not come into my neighborhood. It’s vile and hateful people like this that should be prosecuted for inciting a riot and racial hatred against whites. Send her back to where ever she came from.

  5. Higher education (indoctrination more correctly) is nothing but a nest of vipers who are poisoning the minds of America’s young. I have stopped donations to my old school and recomment that everyone stop donating to their old university until they fire 90% of their Marxist teaching staff.

  6. The fact that Cambridge gave this African American woman a full professorship is a very sad commentary of the White/Black schism that exists in today’s society. I would guess that if this woman was White and said that “Black lives don’t matter” they would fire her and tell her to get out and stay away. The narrative that exists today in many prestigious schools revolve around hate speech, racism and victimization. Years ago, Cambridge was a magnificent University. Today it is just another racial cesspool that should have their charter re-thought and kick prejudice out of the classroom.

  7. Another one of many reasons a liberal education is a complete waste of time & money. These are the results, what a shame.

  8. Speaking as a white person, Gopal’s racism abuses my ethnic group as well as myself personally, but notice how no one cares. This is what happens when hate-rhetoric, racism and victimization identity-politics are taught in university…they are ultimately accepted and legitimized by society.


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